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Arms Race

The sexes and their roles

Success and happiness

SporeStack LLC


Sunday Dinner

Honda Hawk GT Review

Paper or Plastic?

SporeStack's Future Direction


The -isms

Continental TKC-80 on the Suzuki DR-650 tire review


Modern women

Back in San Antonio, Texas

9/11 was an inside job

Full of mistakes

Accepting the expected

Goat's Gulch

Fifty Two

Autonomous, crowd-funded Tor Relays with Bitcoin

Skynet 0.0.1

Love: An incomplete guide


Race and Pride

Built Abroad

Introducing SporeStack

The Forty Hour Work Week

Secure state in encrypted callback URLs

Diversity in Tech

Pace 4111N Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

I voted for Donald Trump

How not to launch a product


The Best Motorcycle of All Time

Next Adventure

Independence Day

Government, Authority, and Ethics


Poor Man's Failover with DNS



Ride to Alice's

Thoughts on SHTF

Hugo, Github Pages, and Cloudflare

chroot() as non-root user

vhost layout


Flywheel effect

argv modification for no fun and no profit

Dating Game

Bernie Sanders and AJ+

New Country Project

On Reviews

Not The Martian - unfinished

Palo Alto

The Man Who Was Always Wrong


Conversion to Hugo


A Beautiful Sunset

Castration of the Mind

Pencil Seeks Eraser

Who is John Galt?

Alice and the van - unfinished

dns.canhasinter.net VPN over DNS tunnel for Bitcoin

Small intestine, lactose, fructose

A hundred ways that you can die tomorrow

Motorcycling physics and thoughts

AskTeran: How could you engineer love?

Assigning random MAC addresses in Linux

AskTeran: Last 10GiB of the Internet

Table bed / work bench / four legged 6x2' MDF board

AskTeran: What is the real world?

AskTeran: Corgie-caused Apache Segfaults

AskTeran: Organ donation


AskTeran: Baking soda special


Networking design of a decentralized Internet

Sparse files

Aspiring geek seeks lonely potato farmer

/dev/mem strings recovery

180 Movie

Cellar Door

Free Society

Jewelry is not enough

Multi-function Alarm Clock

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