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Date: 2013-03-05

Title: dns.canhasinter.net VPN over DNS tunnel for Bitcoin

Hey everyone!

A new website has appeared! Well, really more than that. It's an automated
system for taking your money. In exchange, it offers a way to work around basic
security on certain open-but-not-quite wireless networks.

Written in C and Bash. Some crazy code in there, but whole thing is only 398
lines at the moment. Interface is over SSH. Involves my PermitTTY patch which I
need to work more on.

Let me know if you have any issues with it at all.

Link: dns.canhasinter.net


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Date: 2013-02-15

Title: alotofkeywords.com - Alternative currency keyword search

Hey everyone!

I launched a new website today! It's pretty much just unique keywords
identifying accepted currencies and what not, inserted into page content or meta

I described this on the Bitcoin Talk forums, if you're curious

And the website: alotofkeywords.com

Alot monster is from Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half.

Thanks for reading, and check out the site!


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Date: 2013-02-14

Title: Obama's cybersecurity executive order

So I watched Obama's State of the Union. It was a pile of crap.

The link above is to the Enhanced Version, with infographics on hilariously
innacurate and stupid statements. Did you know that the wait time for voting in
Florida was up to 22x longer than in Vermont? Gee, I wonder why?

Anyways, I wanted to focus on the Cybersecurity Executive Order in particular.

Any executive order these days tends to err on the extremely unconstitutional
side and should be a major concern. I do focus a bit more heavily on
Internet-affecting things, as it tends to be something I'm a bit more versed
with than my usual dabblings.

Reading through the first bit of the bits of the order, it seemed like stupid,
but fairly benign nonsense. The whole notion of protection from
"cybersecurity" threats is silly. A cybersercurity threat is an off-by-one or
a buffer overflow, coded in by some guy on any piece of code. They're normally
called vulnerabiltiies, though of course, some opcode injection in the right
place could make or break a lot of what currently makes the economy in the US.
That stuff has regulated itself for years though, and the government has no
place in trying to worsen the job people are doing now. And really, the damage
from most potential hackings is often overstated.

Really, anyone with half a brain can make something secure, or know that they
can't and shouldn't try. One problem is that most people don't have half a
brain. Even so, we've done rather well on the whole in terms of Internet history
and hacking.  Sure, I'm sure "billions have been lost" or whatever crap is
mildly true, but that's not even close to what the Internet has done for the
economy on the whole.

Reading further down this order, it starts to get interesting. They start
talking about incentives for companies joining in with their framework (read:
encouraged regulations/standards). And if any of these standards is a big enough
burden, that can be discussed.

They talk a lot about information sharing, in a savvy way. But really, what
information sharing does you any good with anything to do with computer
security? Warnings about DDoS attacks? Maybe???? Early warnings that something
might be exploited? Really, it's just stupid and can't do anyone much good.

So what are these corporate incentives? Might be tax breaks, credits,
governmental favor... or! As everything becomes more and more socialized, the
base of government-sponsored market grows. You know what this is really probably
going to be, instead? The government won't do business with you if a couple
years down the road, you are non-compliant. This is where SOPA-esque stuff comes
into play. Maybe, or maybe not. But still, the whole "domestic terrorist"
stuff can be applied online to netziens. What's probably going to happen is
companies will only have government business if they comply, and if they comply
they will be held liable for "attacks" against the government or what not if
such traffic comes through them, or if they don't proide their early warning.
Which will often mean handing over good but governmentally-questionable clients
and what not.

This is a whole new can of worms that most people are probably not going to see
just yet. I bet that AT&T, big ISPs, and eventually maybe Google, Apple, and
the works will be involved with this. They can get around the normal process of
law by forming standards in a comittee to do Big Brother's bidding.

There's also a bit about "abiding with international law". I initially heard
it suggested that it was so laws in the UN or what not could be passed and
applied to the US-centered companies for Internet regulation. That may well be
the case, but honestly reading through I think that may not be the case. Still,
think about it with caution as Obama may try to circumvent US law with
international law. And if he doesn't do it with the Internet, he'll probably do
it with other thinsg, like the EU free trade agreement. Which sounds great on
paper, free trade, but actually spells out a whole new set of regulations. And
probably a lot of firearms restrictions. Also likely dealing with EU copyright.

Obama does not at all sound like an American to me. He talks about America like
the country he's in, not the country he's from or the country he loves. Many
people have bad judgement with good intentions. I think Obama has both, and
truly hates the United States. It may be unlikely, but if that .00 an hour
minimum wage passes, it is going to be terrible on the economy. Jobs will be
cut, hours will be cut, cost of living will go up. That was one of the most
worrying bits. And his "save the children!" sob stories about gun control
topics needing a vote are ridiculous. Obama is little more than Hitler with a
bigger smile and no cool 'stache.


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Date: 2013-02-06

Title: A hundred ways that you can die tomorrow

I think that there are three things worth doing in life:
A) Things that change the world.
B) Things that change yourself.
C) Things that make the above possible.

Now, here's a list of a hundred ways that you can possibly die tomorrow:

001. Hit by a train.
002. Heart attack.
003. Stress.
004. Lethal spider bite.
005. Blunt trauma.
006. Stabbed.
007. Fire.
008. Falling.
009. Going crazy around a hitchiker with a hatchet.
010. Ran over by a car.
011. Fall off your motorcycle, off a bridge.
012. Shooting accident at the gun range.
013. Federal government labels you as a domestic terrorist and you are killed by the military.
014. Nuclear bomb goes off near you.
015. Angry spouse kills you with a coffee pot.
016. Coconut falls on your head.
017. Attacked by a shark.
018. Plane crash.
019. Drug bust to the wrong house, shot on sight when you try to defend yourself.
020. Tire bursts in your car in front of a semi or lifted truck. Ran over on the interstate.
021. STD.
022. Tall shelf of books in a library falls on you.
023. Fall off a ladder.
024. Boss gets angry at you and kills you.
025. Fire from cooking.
026. Carbon monoxide poisoning.
026. Gas stove left on without a flame, then a sudden spark.
027. Being held at gun point and accidentally shot due to poor trigger control.
028. Losing the will to live.
029. You've been feeling terribly sick for a few days and found out you were poisoned with Ricin.
030. Anaphylaxic shock after eating lunch.
031. You contract a rare, highly-contagious disease and are killed off to prevent further infection.
032. You're cutting a log and miss the log, axe hits your leg and you bleed to death.
033. Bear attack.
034. Stressful day at work leading to alcohol poisoning that night.
035. Your work place is bombed while you are listening to your obnoxious boss.
036. You find an old bottle of liquor and don't realize it was poisoned back in the prohibition period.
037. Your Craigslist date turns out to be a serial killer.
038. You are shoved off your balcony.
039. French teacher is disgusted that you cannot roll your R's. Stabs you with a pencil up the nose.
040. America takes further downward steps towards socialism and you try to live like a free person.
041. Motorcycle tire bursts in a corner with traffic coming towards you in the other lane.
042. Some guy is tired from a boring job and drives into your lane without seeing you.
043. GPS-guided missile has a tiny software bug that causes it to go off course and hit you, instead.
044. As you're reading this, your coworker snaps and begins beating people with his laptop.
045. You're in an ambulance, already quite injured, and the ambulance is in a crash of its own.
046. Confused after finding out that your "parents" aren't your real parents, you don't look where you're going when crossing the street.
047. You work at a nuclear power plant and it has a melt down with you near the core.
048. You're an astronaut in a space ship and someone confused milimeters with inch-fractions on a single measurement.
049. You anger the wrong person and he turns out to be a mafia member.
050. You help an old lady across the road and she drags you into a car.
051. You've been drinking a lot and didn't know that your weed was laced with enough LSD to kill you, combining it with the alcohol.
052. Reloading a bunch of ammo, you're getting tired and accidentally set the primer off on one of your fresh rounds.
053. You refuse to sign a traffic ticket and a cop isn't feel particularily nice, and tasers you. You have a pacemaker.
054. One of a few million lines of code isn't spot on, and a drone strike happens on your house, instead of in a field.
055. A draft is called and you are killed in training through over exertion and heat stroke.
056. You're counseling someone with multiple personalities, and his serial killer side comes out.
057. Your neighbor does the wrong kind of bath salts and starts eating your face.
058. Tornado comes through your neighborhood and slams a car into you.
059. Drowning.
060. You're a tractor mechanic and someone activates a hydraulic piston that you're working on.
061. Chain snaps at speed on your motorcycle, cuts through your leg and you fall off.
062. You drive a front engined, rear wheel drive car and the flywheel breaks off, flys through the transmission bell housing, cuts off your leg, and you bleed to death after crashing.
063. You're filling up at the gas station and someone smokes a little too much next to his gas cans.
064. Playing Nintendo Wii without a strap, controller flys into the screen. Owner is angry and bashes your skull in with his fists.
065. Doctor cuts the wrong thing in surgey.
066. Airplane crashes into your house.
067. The cottage cheese and canned fruit you had for breakfast was poisoned at the factory. You missed the recall notice.
068. You're listening to your music with headphones. Robbers break into your house and shoot you before you know it.
069. Spiteful girlfriend thinks you cheated on her, and cuts off your testicles. You lose the will to live.
070. Hearing is impaired after a concert, don't notice the car when walking across the road.
071. Someone in chemistry class makes a bomb and ignites it without knowing what he's doing.
072. You work as a trash delivery man and get crushed by the bed dumping at the wrong timing.
073. Your friend left a ratchet on the engine's shaft. He starts it, it springs out and smashes through your face.
074. You started work as a farmer, not knowing the ground had one more mine left in it.
075. Attacked by a honey badger.
076. Picking up the phone to your boss letting you know about a pay raise, you don't notice the car swerving into you on the sidewalk.
077. You say something politically incorrect and mildly racist. You're killed the next day.
078. Cleaning your gun and looking down the barrel, but forgot to check the breech.
079. Driving behind a logging truck with the logs not secured quite right. Semi brakes hard and one falls out through your windshield.
080. Making a hard corner around a cliff and didn't know about the recent oil spill.
081. Driving fast to impress your date, and don't notice black ice. She's killed, but you're fine. Her father kills you in a rage.
082. Lose balance while hiking up a cliff and fall off.
083. Entered a diving competition and bent your neck the wrong way at a 100 foot jump.
084. Kid is crossing the road with traffic. You run out to try and save him, push him out of the way, and then get ran over yourself.
085. Friends pull a joke on you by robbing you at gun point. Don't realize the gun is loaded.
086. Hunting a wild boar and run out of ammo after a misplaced shot.
087. Cabin loses pressure at 20,000 feet. You suffocate and freeze to death.
088. Someone at Lowes isn't looking where they're going and skewers you with the forklift.
089. Confess to a crime you didn't commit and are sentenced to death.
090. Too much peanut in your almond butter. Forgot your epinephrine pen.
091. Walking around in your yard and disturb a massive colony of Africanized bees.
092. African safari gone wrong and you're eaten by a lion.
093. You're a woman on her period, swimming in the ocean. Eaten by a shark.
094. Mountain biking down the side of a cliff. Your tubed tires are not inflated much and come off the rim.
095. Skydiving doesn't quite work out.
096. You're in a submarine and the nuclear reactor melts down.
097. Accept a FedEx package, to find a couple hours later it was a bomb from an angry employee.
098. Accidentally shield Ted Nugent from an angry fan's gun shot.
099. Become the president and attempt to take down the Fed.
100. Preparing a body for the grave, you glue his eyes shut. A few minutes later, you're shot in the back. Body is taken. It was Michael Jackson's body.

So are you really spending today how you should be if you'll die tomorrow?

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