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The content here is written by myself, Teran McKinney, unless otherwise stated. It is released into the public domain (CC0/Unlicense, whichever is applicable).

About me

I was born in Canada but fled the country at about four years of age. I'm now a US citizen. I work on my startup, SporeStack. I've published my first book, called Fifty-two. I started New Country Project and Goat's Gulch. I've been around Bitcoin for a long time, was likely the first person to buy a motorcycle with Bitcoin. With SporeStack I introduced payments in API calls. This is without any account or credit system, payment is handled with Bitcoin. I think that was probably a first. I now have go-beyond.org renewing itself automatically, so servers are now buying other servers -- I also believe this to also be a first.

I generally identify as an engineer. I love writing. I can enjoy cooking. I like riding motorcycles and working on them. I'm quite fond of Ayn Rand and Austrian Economics. For better or worse, I have opinions on a number of subjects and am happy to talk about most anything. I try to understand all that I can. I hope to make myself a better man tomorrow than I was today.

I identify with most of the tenets of anarcho-capitalism and objectivism. I lean a little to the anarcho-capitalist side of the two, with a dash of agorism and crypto-anarchist.

I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have property out near Van Horn, Texas. I'm currently looking into new places to move to, hoping to settle down more permanently. Although I still have a big of a traveller/vagabond bug.

About the site

You'll see some things that look like question/answers. That's from back when I was running AskTeran.com (registered by a former coworker). More or less defunct, but I'd probably answer a question if you asked me to. There's also some posts that were on Craigslist, generally a bit older. Through my numerous Craigslist ads I've formed wonderful friendships, flown to Ohio to meet a stranger, (very) indirectly caused a marriage and two pregnancies, and likely bought the first half of a motorcycle for Bitcoin.

If you keep reading, you'll also see some very old stuff with a bit of change in time.

The site itself is generated with Hugo. You can find the content, theme, and rendered content on Github. I use a pre-commit hook to push it to Github.

Two servers replace themselves every week and fetch the rendered content from Github. They pay for the new server from a Bitcoin Cash wallet. It's using my "Poor Man's Failover" DNS trick I talked about before, so it's georedundant. It's kind of overkill for what this is, but it's also a testbed for new ideas. I'm a firm believer in dogfooding and am doing just that, for better and for worse.

This site as a Tor Hidden Service. V3 Hidden Service also available. (a .onion, only accessible if you are using Tor).

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Formerly mine in no particular order (mostly expired domains):

  • onetimechat.org
  • foureightysix.go-beyond.org (486 with dynamic content that was up on Digg.com twice, back when Digg was cool (2008~))
  • icadyptes.org
  • answer.market
  • darkfireforums.net
  • (Same as darkfireforums.net)
  • askteran.com
  • alotofkeywords.com
  • coinfee.net
  • A few Freewebs sites.
  • I know I'm forgetting a bunch...


  • Bitmessage: BM-2cUbcEfGKbVN16aVusiYDeBAtb1gj3q98M
  • Email: sega01@go-beyond.org

    Version: GnuPG v2

Seeking a good woman

I am looking for an intelligent, caring, consistent, and reasonably attractive woman to marry and spend the rest of my life with. I am very honest, thoughtful, affectionate, and ambitious. I am not one for consumerism or social status. I am not politically correct. I am not a "nice" guy. I try to be decent to strangers but only truly kind to a few whom I care about. I care very much about becoming and being a better person.

While I would entertain a relationship with a career woman, I would prefer a woman who wants to be a homemaker. I can cover all expenses. However, if you are after money for the sake of money, jewelry, and a lavish life, don't bother.

It's very important to me that I find someone who will stick up to me and tell me when I'm wrong. On the other hand, I generally expect to earn my place as head of the household. So I want to know when I'm wrong and know when she disagrees, but I expect to have the final say. And if that's too much, that's fine. You can leave and I will be as reasonable as possible in such a case.

I prefer a complimentary skillset to an identical skillset but obviously no match will be perfect. Above all, dedication and pushing through in the hard times is what makes it work. And there will be hard times and many moments that are not enjoyable in the slightest. I am someone who pushes through to the very end and am looking for the same. I'm also a very physically affectionate person and want a woman who I can make love to 2-3 times a day, every single day and I do mean every single day. This isn't a joke and perhaps that number will go down as I age. But if that could be a chore or a bore for you, I am not the man for you.

I consider myself to be a good listener and to be selectively empathetic, and if I am in a relationship I've probably selected to be empathetic. I have an appreciation for women with all kinds of talents (mechanical, sewing, cooking, etc), and a great appreciation for genuine femininity. I am also only interested in a woman who would fight to the death for her own life and not give up. If you do not carry a firearm I am happy to teach you and if I am sufficintly invested in you I will cover classes, purchase of the firearm and ammo, etc. Of course that trust has to be earned, but I myself carry whenever I leave the house, hope to never use it but I'd rather be prepared for a slim possiblity and to have a fighting chance. If you cannot fathom carrying a firearm to defend your own life, my life, or your hypothetical kids life, then I am not interested. While it takes some training and some practice, the investment both financially and time wise is not that significant.

If I am going to have kids I prefer a good genetic match. While I can entertain otherwise, this means a predominantly white woman with a likely decent life expectancy, within several years of myself, and for your own sake taller is likely better. Although in general I'd like a woman small enough to fit well on the back of my motorcycle, or tall enough to ride a dual sport. In between is a bit of a grey area. Now obviously, good genes without a good heart is pointless, so these are rules of thumb. I'd rather have a sterile, sick woman who tries to take care of herself than a beautiful blonde who nags, complains, and gives up on herself in a few years.

I promise I'm not quite as robotic as I sound here. And everything is up for discussion. If you are interested send me an email. I expect a matched level of effort, so generally speaking I'm open to meeting halfway if you're somewhere along the country. Of course if you're passing through or I'm passing through, that is fine as well and we can meet then.