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The content here is written by myself, Teran McKinney, unless otherwise stated. It is released into the public domain (CC0/Unlicense, whichever is applicable).

About me

I was born in Canada but fled the country at about four years of age. I'm now a US citizen. I work on my startup, SporeStack. I've published my first book, called Fifty-two. I started New Country Project and Goat's Gulch. I've been around Bitcoin for a long time, was likely the first person to buy a motorcycle with Bitcoin. With SporeStack I introduced payments in API calls. This is without any account or credit system, payment is handled with Bitcoin. I think that was probably a first. I now have go-beyond.org renewing itself automatically, so servers are now buying other servers -- I also believe this to also be a first.

I generally identify as an engineer. I love writing. I can enjoy cooking. I like riding motorcycles and working on them. I'm quite fond of Ayn Rand and Austrian Economics. For better or worse, I have opinions on a number of subjects and am happy to talk about most anything. I try to understand all that I can. I hope to make myself a better man tomorrow than I was today.

I identify with most of the tenets of anarcho-capitalism and objectivism. I lean a little to the anarcho-capitalist side of the two, with a dash of agorism and crypto-anarchist.

I live in San Antonio, Texas. I have property out near Van Horn, Texas.

About the site

You'll see some things that look like question/answers. That's from back when I was running AskTeran.com (registered by a former coworker). More or less defunct, but I'd probably answer a question if you asked me to. There's also some posts that were on Craigslist, generally a bit older. Through my numerous Craigslist ads I've formed wonderful friendships, flown to Ohio to meet a stranger, (very) indirectly caused a marriage and two pregnancies, and likely bought the first half of a motorcycle for Bitcoin.

If you keep reading, you'll also see some very old stuff with a bit of change in time.

The site itself is generated with Hugo. You can find the content, theme, and rendered content on Github. I use a pre-commit hook to push it to Github.

Two servers replace themselves every week and fetch the rendered content from Github. They pay for the new server from a Bitcoin Cash wallet. It's using my "Poor Man's Failover" DNS trick I talked about before, so it's georedundant. Replication has a single point of failure for now. It's kind of overkill for what this is, but it's also a testbed for new ideas. I'm a firm believer in dogfooding and am doing just that, for better and for worse.

This site as a Tor Hidden Service (a .onion, only accessible if you are using Tor).

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  • Becoming a Barbarian
  • The Martian (The book, not the movie)
  • Captain Fantastic

Formerly mine in no particular order (mostly expired domains):

  • onetimechat.org
  • foureightysix.go-beyond.org (486 with dynamic content that was up on Digg.com twice, back when Digg was cool (2008~))
  • icadyptes.org
  • answer.market
  • darkfireforums.net
  • (Same as darkfireforums.net)
  • askteran.com
  • alotofkeywords.com
  • coinfee.net
  • A few Freewebs sites.
  • I know I'm forgetting a bunch...


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Seeking a good woman

I am looking for an intelligent, caring, consistent, and reasonably attractive woman to marry and spend the rest of my life with. I am very honest, thoughtful, affectionate, and ambitious. I am not one for consumerism or social status. I am not politically correct. I am not a "nice" guy. I try to be decent to strangers but only truly kind to a few whom I care about. I care very much about becoming and being a better person.

If you are interested please send me an email. It's not likely that I will relocate from Texas, however I am open to meeting half way.