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Written by Teran McKinney.
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Just a forewarning, this does not have much in common with typical jobs. No 401k, no medical, no Macbook, etc.

A long while back, my friend joked about "Terancorp". I guess, now I'm trying to start that. Some things about working for me are exceptionally simple. I'm not a corporation with shareholders and directors pulling things in a million different ways. I'm just a guy. I have a startup called SporeStack. I do work on the side as well. I am not the best at balancing what's on my plate and I don't want to make sure things are missed. My customers are extremely important to me and I hope to find people who share that mentality.

Anyway, I've posted before about someone helping me live off grid in West Texas. That's probably too much for me right now. I like the business prospects of having land without zoning or building code regulations. I still want to do that, but I think later. Though if this is something you really want to do then the timelines can change a bit.

At the moment I've got a year lease at an apartment in San Antonio, Texas. Thus for now at least, SporeStack and such will be San Antonio based. I love remote work and being able to grant that, but most things I need help on are best done in person. I can definitely hire some odd jobs here and there remotely, but working with a single person, in person, is probably my best bet for now.

I am looking for a huge range of skillsets and I have very little to pay. I like to teach, but I am a terrible teacher. In general, I like to promote ownership (owning a house vs the bank or an apartment), liberty, freedom of speech, and responsibility. I also value anonimity, privacy, and security. And of course, Bitcoin, which I'd prefer to pay you with (or maybe Bitcoin Cash?).

So I can hire a range from someone to take care of my apartment and cook/clean for me, to a Python developer, to someone who can help me plan and form SporeStack as an LLC. I have a number of open source projects that I'd like to improve and don't always have the time nor mental energy to do so. But, some of it also is proprietary, for better or worse.

I'm very much a systems guy at heart and am happy to teach what I know. I'd like to employ better development techniques and I know a lot of my Python sucks.

Anyway, I can probably pay $100 a week, the most I can see paying per week is $200 and that's unlikely. I'd rather commit to $100 so I can be consistent about it and fund material costs as well. Whether that buys me four hours or twenty hours is up for discussion between us.

I'm not at all Poltically Correct. I try to be considerate of all and know that I can care much only about a few. I have a number of postings over the years that explain a fair bit of my mentality. and what my goals are.

So ideally, I'd hire a Pepper but I couldn't afford her and then I'd probably propose if she really were a Pepper. Or decently, I can see someone who's moderately tech savvy doing basic Python/Linux working for me 10-20 hours a week and it working out a bit like a minimally paid intern role.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have.

-Teran McKinney