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Written by Teran McKinney
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Remote Systems / DevOps Engineer for Hire

I am looking for half-time remote work. This means 20 hours a week, probably between three days. I don't need benefits, 401k, health care, etc. I don't need a Macbook Pro and twenty T-shirts. You can pay me via bank deposit, cash, Bitcoin, or bullion. Send me an email at sega01 at this domain if you're interested. I can send you my resume if you like.

Anyway, if you poke around my Github and LinkedIn, you should get a good idea of what I can and have worked on. I'm pretty creative and like keeping things simple from an architectural standpoint, but still pursue having zero downtime deploys and full redundancy in an application. I think about stateless systems quite a lot, disposable servers, and having single sources of truth.

I run FreeBSD on my laptop. I program mostly in Python and a bit in C. I can get most things done or figure out where to look. I used to be decent with Puppet but I prefer working with Salt. I can also rig together shell scripts to bootstrap machines if that's the best way to go for the time being. I like infrastructures where servers are deleted and created rather than upgraded, but can handle both.

If you want to scale out your Django site or Bitcoin service, I can probably help you. Or if you have a few thousand servers and want to make a Digital Ocean competitor, I can help you there. Perhaps you want to make a new CDN with ipfs, I can help you with that. Or the next Voat/Reddit.

I've generally been in the systems engineer / site reliability engineer / devops engineer camps, but am progressing towards development and working successfully on the full stack. You could probably hire me as a newbie full stack engineer with Python or as a proficient DevOps Engineer.

My main project is currently SporeStack.

I am a US citizen authorized for work, currently living in the US.