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Small Scale Technology
The Case Against Javascript
What Does (Insert Your Bank's Name Here) Do With Your Personal Information?
A2 Milk
Small Scale Technology vs Organization Dependent Technology
Self Hosting
Martin Luther King Jr.
Go Beyond Radio Show Episode 2
Go Beyond Radio Show Episode 1
Introversion, Extroversion, and Sensitivity
Online vs Offline Software
10 Year Old Laptop on the Original Battery
Working for Yourself vs Working for a Corporation
Thoughts on Competition
Being Authentic
The Holocaust Controversy
Systemd Insanity
Film Photography
El Paso Shooting
Love, Acceptance, and Hate
Dynamic Compression Levels
Why do you hate immigrants so much?
Never Again Protest: Denver, CO
Area 51
Jordan Peterson: Dismantled
Leading Women vs Controlling Women
Why are Jews so liberal?
Why are you still using Facebook?
Women's World Cup Update
18650 Batteries
Rantbin: Minimalist website feedback
Really Simple Syndication
IPFS: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly
Why are you still using Google?
Women's World Cup
Project Hedron
Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto
Jack Reacher
Just Another Post
Vultr vs Digital Ocean
Yamaha XJ550 Seca Review
Anger of Man
Employment Status
Thoughts on the Christchurch and San Diego Shootings
Clown World
Keltec PF-9
Border Patrol
Two-stage Bitcoin mixing
Lead Exposure from Shooting
Thoughts on a relationship
The Great Replacement by Brenton Tarrant
Next Adventure, Again
Announcing Vagabond Workstation
Truly Hidden Hosting with SporeStack
Being Alone
Data Hoarding
Arms Race
The sexes and their roles
Success and happiness
SporeStack LLC
Sunday Dinner
Honda Hawk GT Review
Paper or Plastic?
SporeStack's Future Direction
The -isms
Continental TKC-80 on the Suzuki DR-650 tire review
Modern women
Back in San Antonio, Texas
9/11 was an inside job
Full of mistakes
Accepting the expected
Goat's Gulch
Fifty Two
Autonomous, crowd-funded Tor Relays with Bitcoin
Skynet 0.0.1
Love: An incomplete guide
Race and Pride
Built Abroad
Introducing SporeStack
The Forty Hour Work Week
Secure state in encrypted callback URLs
Diversity in Tech
Pace 4111N Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
I voted for Donald Trump
How not to launch a product
The Best Motorcycle of All Time
Next Adventure
Independence Day
Government, Authority, and Ethics
Poor Man's Failover with DNS
Ride to Alice's
Thoughts on SHTF
Hugo, Github Pages, and Cloudflare
chroot() as non-root user
vhost layout
Flywheel effect
argv modification for no fun and no profit
Dating Game
Bernie Sanders and AJ+
New Country Project
On Reviews
Not The Martian - unfinished
Palo Alto
The Man Who Was Always Wrong
Conversion to Hugo
A Beautiful Sunset
Castration of the Mind
Pencil Seeks Eraser
Who is John Galt?
Alice and the van - unfinished
dns.canhasinter.net VPN over DNS tunnel for Bitcoin
Small intestine, lactose, fructose
A hundred ways that you can die tomorrow
Motorcycling physics and thoughts
AskTeran: How could you engineer love?
Assigning random MAC addresses in Linux
AskTeran: Last 10GiB of the Internet
Table bed / work bench / four legged 6x2' MDF board
AskTeran: What is the real world?
AskTeran: Corgie-caused Apache Segfaults
AskTeran: Organ donation
AskTeran: Baking soda special
Networking design of a decentralized Internet
Sparse files
Aspiring geek seeks lonely potato farmer
/dev/mem strings recovery
180 Movie
Cellar Door
Free Society
Jewelry is not enough
Multi-function Alarm Clock
The Rebellion