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The content here is written by myself, Teran McKinney, unless otherwise stated. It is released into the public domain (CC0/Unlicense, whichever is applicable).

Who's this Teran guy?

I was born in British Columbia, Canada in 1992. Canada was not for me, so I fled to the US at about four years of age.

I have a startup called SporeStack which is an API-driven VPS host for cryptocurrency. I made two Linux distributions (ZenServer and Icadyptes) and Vagabond Workstation (a Torified multiple VM Debian fork with determinsitic seed-derivied identities), all of which are now defunct. I published my first book, called Fifty Two in 2017. I started New Country Project and Goat's Gulch, both ideas I still love very much but I am presently working on living frugally and acquiring land that is not desolate. I've been around Bitcoin for a very long time, was likely the first person to buy a motorcycle with Bitcoin.

I generally identify as an engineer. I love writing. I can enjoy cooking. I like riding motorcycles and working on them. I'm quite fond of Ayn Rand and Austrian Economics. For better or worse, I have opinions on a number of subjects and am happy to talk about most anything. I try to understand all that I can. I hope to make myself a better man today than I was yesterday.

Politically, I consider my idealistic side to be anarcho capitalist / voluntaryist. Slightly more realistic side, libertarian. I also appreciate objectivism and elements of national socialism, agorism and crypto-anarchism. I don't fit easily under any one banner. In general, I like when people are free to do what they please within their own lives, even if I don't agree with it. Whatever form of government, I think that people are more united when they are fewer in number. I don't see how 400 million people can agree on the same issues without significant strife. I'd rather see 40 countries with 10 million people each, with varying political structures among them.

I live in Boise, Idaho and am planning to buy property in the state. I have 10 acres in Van Horn, Texas that I'm open to selling.

If you think I'm wrong, please tell me why and show me why. I know that I'm wrong about many things and I'd like continue learning and growing. On a side note, I am looking for a woman to marry.

Teran McKinney as of 2020-03-10

What does this Teran guy do now?

He makes delicious potatoes.

About the site

You'll see some things that look like question/answers. That's from back when I was running AskTeran.com (registered by a former coworker). More or less defunct, but I'd probably answer a question if you asked me to. There's also some posts that were on Craigslist, generally a bit older. Through my numerous Craigslist ads I've formed wonderful friendships, flown to Ohio to meet a stranger, (very) indirectly caused a marriage and three pregnancies, and likely bought the first half of a motorcycle for Bitcoin.

If you keep reading, you'll also see some very old stuff with a bit of change in time.

The site itself is generated with Hugo v0.56.3, a Golang static site generator. You can find the source here.

This site is also available over a Tor Hidden Service (a .onion, only accessible if you are using Tor). The V3 Hidden Service is the default, the old V2 (potatooezyf2aql6.onion) is likely not as secure and will 301 redirect you to the V3 service. In case you're connecting on Tor, this is also available as a clearnet service.

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In the news:

More from me:

  • SporeStack: VPS hosting for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV. Entirely API driven, no accounts. Clearnet
  • SporeStack .onion: VPS hosting for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV. Entirely API driven, no accounts. Tor
  • Code
  • Fifty Two: My first published novel, released into the public domain.
  • Stuff for sale: Motorcycles, cars, motorcycle parts, or what have you.
  • Bitchute Channel
  • Youtube Channel (One successfully appealed community strike, one unsuccessfully appealed community strike and counting!)

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I also recommend a few non-websites:

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  • Mark Manson's books
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    • The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck
    • Everything is F*cked
  • The Martian (The book, not the movie)
  • Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
  • Industrial Sociey and Its Future by Ted Kazinsky

Formerly mine in no particular order (mostly expired domains):

  • darkfireforums.net
  • (darkfireforums.net pointed here)
  • foureightysix.go-beyond.org (486 with dynamic content that was up on Digg.com twice, back when Digg was cool (2008~))
  • icadyptes.org
  • onetimechat.org
  • answer.market
  • askteran.com
  • alotofkeywords.com
  • coinfee.net
  • savebtc.org
  • builtabroad.com
  • A few Freewebs sites.
  • Icadyptes (Linux distro based on Arch)
  • ZenServer (Linux distro based on Zenwalk/Slackware)
  • vagabondworkstation.github.com
  • newcountryproject.com
  • smallscale.technology
  • I know I'm forgetting a bunch...