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San Antonio BMW Airhead Service

Update: Leaving San Antonio. Not certain if I want to do Airhead work or not. Definitely Airheads over other motorcycles.

Are you in San Antonio, Texas? Do you have an Airhead that needs work?

From what I can tell, there's not much in the way of formal Airhead shops in San Antonio. While they are simple bikes to work on, they have their nuances.

I'm not the best mechanic, but I have connections with a shop here and can probably help you get most things done. I also won't do anything past my limits, or set you behind. I'll be honest, straight forward, and direct with you.

I won't turn your Airhead into a cafe racer without a fender. I also won't be able to restore your airhead to museum quality. But get it running? Probably. Set the timing, change the oil, adjust the forks, replace the bars, I can do that. I can also change tires.

I can link you to threads where I did work on my airheads, prior. I've had to redo work on (formerly) my R50/5 that I had sent to a reputable mechanic before.

I know BMWs tend to run on the expensive side, but I think they can be worth it. In fact, I think for general riding, many airheads are the best bikes ever made. Of course, I don't know that for certain and couldn't be completely objective even if I rode every single bike, but I am fond of them for a reason.

If you want to get into riding, I'm happy to talk to you and see if an airhead is a good bet, and give you some tips on locating one. Though honestly if you've never ridden before, I'd probably start off with a firstgen Ninja 250, or if you want to never go on the highway and go offroad, a Yamaha TW-200.

In a pinch, I can work on more than just Airheads. I don't want to become overly diverse and completely unspecialized, but I can work on other motorcycles and vehicles if you want.

Let me know if you'd like some work done on your bike.

I'll take Bitcoin, cash, gold/silver bullion, or maybe a cheque as payment if you don't seem too sketchy.