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1972 BMW R75/5 SWB for sale in San Antonio, Texas


I'm selling my black 1972 BMW R75/5 short wheelbase motorcycle, known commonly and affectionately as an Airhead.

I would describe it as an unrestored daily rider. Not at all in perfect shape, not at all original, and not at all a museum piece. However, it is a vintage motorcycle that can keep up well with traffic.

A few notable points about the bike:

  • Still running the electro-mechanical regulator and points ignition. Would run after an EMP, in theory.

  • Electric starter and kick start work just fine.

  • 750cc cylinders and pistons were extremely worn. More cost effective route by far was to set it up as an 800cc bike with Nikalsi cylinders. These are lighter, supposedly much longer lasting, cooler, etc. The pistons weigh roughly within 2 grams of eachother which seems to cause a tiny bit of extra vibration, vs the 750cc pistons which were closer than that. Has well under a thousand miles on the "new" top end at the time of this writing.

  • Bings have been gone through an awful lot. Could probably still use more work and cleaning, but it's had some love already.

  • Spark plugs are fairly fresh, along with tires (Bridgestone S-11).

  • Forks have been gone over, ToasterTan upper triple clamp installed.

  • Shocks replaced with Ikons. Bike handles well but can be somewhat twitchy on the highway (not surprising for a SWB bike).

  • Turn signals are a bit goofy in action, solid state flasher would probably make flashing perfectly steady.

  • Left mirror is finicky and doesn't match the right.

  • "Euro" handlebars installed. Control perches were bored out for more commonly sized handlebars. The controls are shimmed but still have some play, even tightened down.

  • Fresh head gaskets, push rod seals.

  • Custom rocker setup from a later model bike, milled down to fit. These use needle bearings. Also has the later model "bi-metal" push rods.

  • No side stand, center stand works fine.

  • Seat mounting is odd, doesn't line up properly for latching, and doesn't allow for a tool box underneath.

  • No bags or brackets, sadly.

  • /7+ square style valve covers. These are a lot stronger (and heavier) than the "peanut" covers.

  • Steering bearings adjusted and have fresh grease.

  • Has a later model toolkit, may not be 100% complete.

  • Extras: toolbox, crash bars, old 750cc cylinders, gaskets, etc.

$3,500 in cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, silver, gold, or possible trades.