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1988 Honda Hawk GT for sale in San Antonio, Texas (SOLD)


I am selling my 1988 Honda Hawk GT. It's with me in San Antonio, Texas. Clear Texas title.

I won't discuss what the Hawk GT is in this document or whether it's the right bike for you, just about this particular bike. There are a lot of resources online that discuss that. I've also written my own review of the Hawk, in case you are interested.

The bike has under 30,000 miles. Probably closer to 27,000, but that would require me to go downstairs and check. Either way, I think it's not that relevant. Low to average miles for an '88, depending on your stance. '88 was the first year made and this one is blue, the only year with the option (or maybe all were blue, not sure). This makes an already rare bike slightly more rare.

The bike is in good condition and is fit to be a daily riding bike. It was my daily rider up until bringing back my Suzuki DR-650 from Van Horn. The Hawk is a much better street bike especially compared to the DR in stock form, however I am expecting to do more adventure riding like my Colorado BDR trip in 2017 which the Hawk is not as great for (though I have crossed creeks on it).

The ugly:

  • The saddlebags I added are functional but a bit too small. They are also not good quality and will likely not last more than a year or two. The mounting is secure, however does rub against the plastics panel piece.

  • Valve clearances were set recently. Rear cam chain has stretched more than the front and appears to be near its limits. Should likely be replaced but I suspect will be fine for some time.

The bad:

  • The tires have not been balanced. You likely won't notice but wear patterns may not be quite as ideal, though so far they've been doing very well.

  • One fork has an emulator (Gold Valve Emulator) and the other does not. You likely couldn't tell while riding, but I do have two other forks so you can set it up. Unfortunately, preload, compression, and rebound is mismatched in the current setup. Still behaves rather well (considering they are stock forks).

  • Little dings here and there, some cracking on the plastics. Not a museum bike but not a ratty bike, either.

  • Stock fender clearance with the 110/70-17 front tire is slightly taller than it should be.

  • Windshield mounting is slightly janky but secure. Could be improved but hasn't loosened up yet.

  • The jetting is not perfect. Low speed seems spot on. There's a small flat spot. Something most riders won't notice, but it's not perfect so I'm listing it here.

  • Tank isn't spotless on the inside, but isn't bad enough to be worth cleaning.

The good:

  • Tires have low miles, I think less than a thousand. Wearing fine. I have them dialed in at good pressures for my riding. Bridgestone T-30 EVOs in 110/70-17 front, 150/60-17 rear. This set was a very particular choice and I'm glad I made it. Though the front tire is slightly too wide for the wheel, it fits on quite well. These tires give good feedback and are predictable. Exceptional in the rain. I was a hold out on switching to radials for a while but over the BT-45s I ran on my previous Hawk, these are a huge improvement. While you could run this bike at the track, the lean angles you can get from these tires are not all that high. But for street use it's a great compromise.

  • The bike handles reasonably well. It's not perfect, but quite enjoyable and though the shock is stock, it has some life left in it. Very nimble, light, and responsive.

  • About as stock as you can get other than the GVE in one fork and the radial tires. Minor details, aside.

  • Running a 43T rear sprocket. This lowers the gearing slightly and effectively shortens the wheelbase, but improves chain wear as the stock setup had two even toothed sprockets. Speaking of, front sprocket is also fresh, as is the chain which is a Tsubaki O-ring chain.

  • Has a Dart flyscreen windshield with mild tint. It's not extremely effective but makes highway rides go from awful to surprisingly bareable.

  • Has some service records. Not two receipts and some pocket lint, not a Bible of them, either.

  • Coolant hasn't been changed but looked very clean, level is good, haven't noticed any leaks.

  • Some fresh rubber bits here and there, the tank has the rubber mounts, fresh speedometer rubber surround.

  • New petcock (old one would leak on reserve, rebuild attempt failed), new fuel pump (went out right after we changed the petcock, go figure). Fuel pump is not a Honda part, but it's Japanese and working just fine. They don't sell OEM fuel pumps new for these anymore.

  • Steering bearings regreased and reset. They were notched and somehow after that they are not. Most people would just replace them but you'll never tell these were ever notched. Steering is light as can be with no play.

  • No loose wheel bearing play.

I'm probably missing some bits. Have done a fair bit of work to this bike myself and with my mechanic here in town. It's a really great bike, one that I'd consider keeping if I had the space and money.

Here's a walk around video I took of the bike before I did a lot of the work to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8XP-uJ7F1Y

Here are some pictures before the bags, tires, and windshield: https://imgtc.com/a/U2cYFMdP2Y

As you can see the photos, I bought the bike in Colorado and moved it down with me to Texas. It's a Texas titled, plated, and insured bike.

Looking for $3,000 cash or equivalent amount of cryptocurrency (Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, or maybe another). Also open to gold/silver bullion. I really shouldn't do any trades but would consider a short wheelbase R75/5 or a Toyota pickup (manual and 4WD).

PS: You can also read about me as a motorcycle seller to get more of an idea of my selling traits, riding experience, and mechanical experience.

PPS: The janky fuel lines shown in the photos have been corrected.