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2002 Suzuki SV-650 for sale in San Antonio, Texas (Sold)


This is a well running, all around decent naked SV-650 that's basically all stock. It does have a salvage title, but behaves fine both with the motor and handling. No unusual headshakes, misalignments, etc. It's been down a couple times but only seeming to dent the tank or leave scrapes and not tweaking the frame, at least in any way that I can tell.

Recently, the following has been done:

  • Replaced/rebuilt the vacuum petcock.

  • Regulator/rectifier replaced with a quality Shindingen unit.

  • Oil/filter changed.

  • Rear tire had a leak, which was plugged and patched.

The tires are quite fresh Michelin Pilot Power 2CTs in the correct sizes. Both tires have Ride-On tire sealant to help prevent future flats (at least that are more in the center strip, where they usually occur). It also acts as an exceptional dynamic tire balancer, which should help with the plug in the rear.

These bikes are very fast and torquey. They sound incredible when opened up. Motor is smooth and well-regarded. Good street machine all around. This is the last year carbureted and with the tube-type aluminimum trellis frame.

Windscreen shown in the photos has been removed. It did not help much and made it less stable in crosswinds.

Texas title in my name.

I have two videos riding the bike: 118 Northbound, 118 Southbound

$1,800 in cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, silver, gold, or possible trades. This is my firm price and it's a very fair deal.