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2003 Kawasaki Super Sherpa for sale in Fort Collins, Colorado


I'm selling my 2003 Kawasaki Super Sherpa. I bought it up in Green River, Wyoming. Brought it back to Texas. Now I'm here in Fort Collins and am realizing something a bit bigger would be better for me. I'm 6'1" and not skinny, neither combination is ideal for this bike. It's terrific, in good shape, runs well, stock except for a slightly larger pilot jet (still have the original) and lithium battery, and is generally regarded as the best low seat height, air cooled 250cc dual sport.

Nice fit and finish (minus the plastics, it seems like all Kawasaki plastics fade in the sun faster than other brands), aluminium swingarm, disc front and rear. Fork seals have been replaced and the forks are dialed in decently for what they are.

I'm doing the Utah BDR with my Dad this year and am looking for something with more torque, better tire size options, and more suspension travel. At the cost of seat height and probably more weight.

The Sherp is a very nimble, economical, and fun bike. The low fender makes it a lot more stable in cross winds. Perfect around town and makes most trails pretty easy. Gearing is amazing, as low as you want and as tall as you want given the constraints of the motor.

Less than 5,000 miles. Texas clean title. Shouldn't be too hard to get it changed over to Colordo or wherever.

Rear tube is currently leaking and a point for negotiation (I can replace the tube or you can, your choice). I have to top it up every day. Has Ride-On tire sealant front and rear, but wasn't enough for the West Texas mesquite. Tires are IRC GP-1 in the standard sizes, about a thousand miles on them. Brake pads are new front and rear. Front might have a tiny bit of fork oil on it but still has about as much bite as you want with the spindly forks these come with.

Will take cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, gold, silver, or trade for a Suzuki DR-Z400S.