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2010 Microlite Wazat teardrop trailer for sale in Fort Collins, Colorado


This is a fantastic teardrop trailer. It's been with me off the grid, in Walmart parking lots, and resort-style RV parks.

The bed area doesn't match any common size, but queen is the closest (and a hair too big). It has three foam pieces that make up the mattress. It wasn't very comfortable, so I added a 4" mattress topper. It's now reasonably comfortable, at least for me.

The ceiling fan is pretty bad, it will buzz if not aligned right. It's loud and doesn't move a lot of air. Can definitely be upgraded, though. A/C works well, although the temperature seems to have to be on the coldest setting. It definitely will cool you down, maybe too much if anything.

The screen doors are on the inside which can be annoying from a security stand point if you wanted a breeze but not to have people breaking in. In practice, this may never be an issue but was a concern with mountain lions out at my property in West Texas.

This trailer is so light that you can pull and drag it around by yourself. You can bring it to your vehicle instead of the vehicle to it, which is nice. It's probably about 800lbs, and very little of that is on the tongue. It tows exceptionally well and the lights are fantastic. The sink is drain only, doesn't hold any water. If I kept it I would set it up with a bigger sink and maybe 7 gallon water cube to dispense from into that sink.

I'm looking to move up to a V-6 truck (I-4 4x4 Tacoma pulls this just fine) and get a Casita, which is a bit bigger, but gives me a bathroom, kitchen, and table.

2" ball hitch.

Will take cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, gold, silver, or other trades.


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