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Motorcycle Chain by the Link

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in buying chain by the link. I know a lot of riders will buy a whole new chain and sprocket for a brand new bike just to adjust the gearing. While in general I think stock gearing is a fair compromise on many bikes, there's many reasons to adjust up or down.

A whole new chain, if you already have one in good shape, doesn't make a lot of sense. While the per-link price would be quite high, your total cost out the door would work out to be a lot less.

Unfortunately, you'll need two master links to splice the chain, but you can still easily come out ahead. I'm open to sourcing master links if desired.

At the time of this writing, my Dad has a WR250R with less than a thousand miles on it. We replaced the rear sprocket and chain, leaving us with a completely viable 520 chain. The old one is dirty but I can certainly clean it off. It's not rusty or anything like that, perfectly usable.

In this case, I believe the stock length is 108 links and we went to 112. We could have just bought four links, two masters, and called it a day.

I think there might be a small market for this so I'm putting this out as a feeler but I do have chain in stock that I can send out. I haven't seen anyone else offering this yet.

Is anyone interested in just a few (lightly used) links of 520 DID O-ring chain? Or any other size chain for that matter? Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Bitcoin SV all accepted. US-based, only looking to ship domestic for now.

I don't yet have a system in place for selling physical goods in a streamlined fashion and this is still a feeler, so this is quite manual for now.