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2006 Suzuki DR-650 for sale in San Antonio, Texas


I am selling my 2006 Suzuki DR-650. It's in good shape overall and mostly stock, with a few changes along the way.

Initially, I tried listing this bike more as-is, with some flaws. I've addressed most of the flaws now and am relisting for a higher price. I can happily recommend this bike as a good DR-650, if that's the sort of bike you're looking for.

  • Automatic compression release has been "disabled". This is one less thing to go wrong. Also makes the starter draw a lot more juice and makes it nearly impossible to push start, but a strong lithium battery (a used Earth-X ETX18F) helps take care of starting.

  • Has an aftermarket, American made white fender. Better in the wind on the highway. Also comes with a low fender + fork brace setup, along with a different lower triple clamp if you prefer that. Low fender is superior in just about every condition except thick mud, however this particular low fender setup lowers suspension travel slightly and can make noise with the tire over washboard. The high fender is tolerable in crosswinds (better than the stock), looks decent, and is much easier to work with.

  • Front suspension has the FFRC damper valves. This is a huge improvement on rebound damping. When you hit a big rock, the bike doesn't buck back at you so much. Rear shock FFRC valve included but not installed (definitely more work).

  • Seat is not stock, I'd say it's marginally better. Procycle foam and fabric update.

  • Has a rear rack. Not sure if factory or not. I have a factory bag that fits it perfectly which I'm not planning to include.

  • Jetting has been altered slightly with the stock airbox. It's better than it was, but there are some conditions where you can stall the bike with a quick but short throw opening the throttle. Haven't sorted it out and difficult to figure out.

  • Exhaust has a bung added for a wideband O2 sensor.

  • Including a 5-something gallon Acerbic tank. It's not mounted. After riding another DR with such a tank, I'm not sure I would mount it. Makes the bike heavier, especially high up and in the front, and the riding position less ideal. Depends on what you want to do with it.

  • Including a skidplate. It made a horrible racket when I put it on. Very, very beefy American made one. Did everything I could to quiet it down, including covering the whole thing in bed liner. It's still so noisy that it drives me crazy. Leaving it off for now. I would recommend trying a plastic skidplate.

  • Original factory toolkit, in all its glory. Missing a piece or two.

  • Fresh sparkplugs.

  • Brand new (less than 100 miles) Bridgestone trailwings (OEM tires). Very hard to get the original 120/90-17 for the rear, so had to go with the 130/18-17. It fits well and feels fine so far. Most riders call these "deathwings", I am not one of them. I did the Colorado BDR on balding Trailwings that were as old as the bike, and it was very rainy. Obviously there are much better offroad tires, but the balance of offroad and onroad performance is quite acceptable.

  • Includes Continetal TKC-80 tires. Aggressive, very noisy. I did a review on this matchup before. Okay in the dry on the road. These tires have quite a bit of life left but they are used, formerly on the bike. Hard to get the bike setup to turn in and have enough usable travel to keep from bottoming out. The front has a very square profile and needs a much more aggressive rake angle (effectively) to be able to lean the bike over easily.

  • Stock gearing. I tried the 14 tooth. It was awful on the highway and not much better offroad. This motor has the torque to pull the 15 tooth well on the kind of terrain you'd actually want to run this bike on.

Miles are somewhere over 3,000 and less than 4,000 if I'm not mistaken. I've put most of those miles on. Before most of the alterations, I did the Colorado BDR with my Dad on this bike. I bought it just over a thousand miles from a guy in Colorado who took good care of it.

It's been dropped a couple times, not a ton. One of them is documented in the videos of the COBDR trip. The stub end on the clutch lever is broken off so you don't have to feel guilty when you drop it on its left side.

Looking for $3,000 USD in cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, gold, or silver.