NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
ansibleUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2020-10-21 00:45
bitcashPython 3 Bitcoin Cash library (fork of Ofek's Bit) Teran McKinney2020-06-03 16:36
bitcoin-fiatConvert cryptos to current fiat value with Javascript Teran McKinney2017-12-23 03:21
bitcoinacceptor-pythonAccept Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, BitcoinSV, and Monero Teran McKinney2020-05-05 20:44
bitmix-pythonPython 3 library for Teran McKinney2019-08-21 00:33
bitsqusComments in Bitcoin, kind of like Disqus Teran McKinney2019-07-09 18:31
burnpasteBurn-on-reading pastebin Teran McKinney2020-09-06 16:15
daystoliveHow many days do you have left to live? (Financial calculator) Teran McKinney2016-11-30 23:54
decensorFile/asset manager for tagging and helping ensure data is replicated and not censored. Teran McKinney2020-08-09 22:02
devstackerDefunct devstack launcher script (OpenStack) Teran McKinney2014-09-16 00:24
doublemixer-pythonPython 3 library and CLI to "double mix" your Bitcoin Teran McKinney2019-08-21 00:35
fifty-twoA public domain novel Teran McKinney2020-05-01 03:50
flameomaticFan controller for Crystalfontz' cfa_635 + scab Teran McKinney2018-01-11 23:16
foxmixer-pythonPython 3 library for FoxMixer Teran McKinney2019-08-21 00:31
geomyidaeA small C-based gopherd Christoph Lohmann2020-04-26 11:12
go-beyond.orgOnly read if you don't mind being offended Teran McKinney2020-10-11 03:15
hedronSaltStack code shared with Vagabond Workstation Teran McKinney2020-07-30 03:23
hostnameomatic-pythonhostnameomatic Python 3 library Teran McKinney2018-09-10 17:58
hostnameomaticDeterministic hostnames based on IPv4 and IPv6 Teran McKinney2019-02-09 19:40
ipxeplease-pythonipxeplease Python 3 library Teran McKinney2019-08-13 04:33
ipxepleaseGolang IPXE script generator, kinda Teran McKinney2020-09-06 18:40
macmakerWrites out a probably-compliant Mac address Teran McKinney2016-09-27 19:10
orororandandand rewritten in C (monitoring helper) Teran McKinney2016-09-15 17:44
privcoin-pythonPython 3 library for Privcoin Teran McKinney2019-08-21 00:34
pzqhttpdPretty Zipping Quick HTTPD Teran McKinney2016-02-22 18:01
rantbinMinimalist website feedback Teran McKinney2020-08-05 02:26
raruRun As Random User Teran McKinney2016-07-04 16:47
redirecthttpdRedirects HTTP to HTTPS based on Host headers Teran McKinney2017-02-02 20:15
saccsacc(omys), simple console gopher client Quentin Rameau2020-05-05 05:28
selectionatorA lame dmenu for console (for use without TTY) Teran McKinney2016-07-03 12:43
settlers(Settlers) of Cryptotan Teran McKinney2020-09-06 18:00
sporestack-pythonSporeStack Python 3 library Teran McKinney2020-08-26 06:01
sslexpirystatsdSSL expiry statsd collector Teran McKinney2020-09-06 18:29
stagit-gopherstatic git page generator for gopher Hiltjo Posthuma2020-05-09 03:59
stagitstatic git page generator Hiltjo Posthuma2020-05-05 02:51
staticatorDefunct: Puts a static site on vultr Teran McKinney2017-09-23 15:23
teratoolsMisc. old tools Teran McKinney2016-02-19 16:25
vagabondworkstationDefunct privacy focused Linux distribution Teran McKinney2020-07-27 00:50
walkingliberty-pythonMake Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin SV payments as easy as spending a Walking Liberty Teran McKinney2020-03-04 03:31