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I've generally been very hesitant to accept money as any kind of donation for a long time. Last time I can recall was when I had my 486 that made it onto Digg.com's front page, twice. I had wanted to prove that you didn't need monstrous systems to handle a lot of load. At the time, the Slashdot Effect was a pretty big thing and sites fell over all the time from it. My little 486, with a dynamic page, handled 2 million hits in 48 hours. I was 16 years old and the 486 was about as old as I was.

Anyway, I did this stupid thing where I said I'd open source my crappy code if I had $1,000 in donations (Paypal) or once I hit 1 million hits. I got the hits in no time thanks to inorganic traffic and shared the world my not-so-impressive Lua code. Thankfully, no one donated.

Since then, I've briefly ran ads on this site and it just didn't pay enough to be worthwhile. I also don't like supporting mindless consumerism and privacy invasive Google ads. This site is almost entirely all on-site hosted content (if you find something that isn't, please let me know), Javascript free except for a specially marked page, and if I will use Javascript, it'll be on-site. No third parties. No cookies, etc. (Except for Money Button on the page that lets you buy my book). It's available over the "regular" Internet (IPv6, included) as well as a V3 Tor Hidden Service.

Now, that might not make sense to you and you may be here for the content. The content is just a bunch of nonsense that I write. Some people seem to like it, sometimes.

With all of this, I haven't wanted to accept donations for many reasons. Feels wrong to do so, like handouts, etc. But then I realize with my own willingness to support others creating content (I guess that's what I'm doing here) that I have a bit of a double standard.

So if you like what I write, the videos I make, the Decensor archive of articles/memes/photos/videos, and you wish to gift me for that, you're welcome to. This is partly due to not finding steady work in a while, although I'm not in dire straits in the slightest, so don't think you're feeding the homeless. I do kind of wonder how much, if anything at all, I could make on a regular basis just by blogging as I already do and would like to continue to do. I also write quite a bit of open source code that likely is of little benefit to you. And then there's the occasional video, usually motorcycling related.

Now, please understand this. Whatever you send me is a gift. It is not a bribe. It does not guarantee anything in the future. I'm not going to shill your product because you donated. If you want my professional services, you can contact me and that is entirely separate. Donating will not make me be your Internet friend. If anything, it'd make me feel really awkward.

But lastly, if you've made it this far and you think you want to donate, you probably still shouldn't. There's so many better places to spend your money. Free range eggs for your family, Soph, Mark Manson, or Stefan Molyneaux to name a few. There are plenty of other people out there with better content on better looking websites. I'm probably not at all the first person you should ever consider sending money to.

Lastly, lastly. You might even regret your donation. "Oh no, I just broke my leg. If I hadn't paid Teran so much Bitcoin I could pay to have it fixed. I guess I can only afford the amputation now."

Think twice before you donate. You probably shouldn't.

Don't donate, hire

I'd rather work for your shekels than have them thrown my way. If I can offer you some kind of service, let me know.




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