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Fifty Two

An overdue earthquke in California's Bay Area changes Westin's life forever. On a rescue mission he meets and fancies a fugitive far more daring than himself. He is torn between his values and his ideals.

Fifty Two is my first novel, released into the public domain.

Initially published July of 2017, updated marginally since then.

Purchasing methods


  1. Download the .epub and make sure you can view it.
  2. Optional: Pay $3 in Cryptocurrency


  • Amazon
  • From me, directly. Contact me if you'd like to do this, no automated process in place yet.

A note on buying paperback copies of Fifty Two from yours truly

I buy "author's copies" in bulk from Amazon, so you're still feeding the evil Amazon machine, but a little less. I am not sure of what shipping should cost or if it would be cheaper than Amazon. I might be able to print them out on 8.5x11" but it'd be ugly and serve little purpose.

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