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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

9/11 was an inside job

I don't like sounding like Alex Jones, but sometimes he's right.

Sixteen years ago to the day I sat in my third grade classroom. We were told to evacuate. There was a bomb threat at our school. After the bomb squad came and searched, they determined there was no bomb afterall.

My parents picked me up from school and we went back to my Dad's office. They showed the horrific news to me on a TV.

Only years after that did I realize what an incredible hoax it was. The towers fell at free fall speed. Just like building seven which was only hit by debris. The towers were specifically designed to handle impact with a plane. If I recall corrrectly, Bush's brother had a security company which took the contract for the towers a few weeks before. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the twin towers, takes out a massive insurance policy a few weeks in advance -- specifically mentioning plane crashes in the policy. And by the grace of God, he happened to "feel" that he should not go to the towers that day. I think he had a routine eating breakfast in one of them every 10AM or so.

Building seven was also a steel framed building. Steel framed buildings collapsing from fire are extremely rare. I think the last case was from the 50s. Generally speaking, the buildings are significantly over-engineered and should be completely torched but remain standing. The Twin Towers were full of asbsetos and it would have been a costly project to replace the asbestos.

It's debatable a plane even hit the Pentagon at all. Given the angle of approach and lack of viable camera angles (much footage was confiscated during 9/11), it's quite likely a small missile took its place.

Further, the VP told jets to "stand down" after the first plane crash. Normally, jets would be scrambled in case of terrorism with such an event. And they were not.

I won't go into the facts, figures, and various oddities. All of the information is online. And watching videos of the towers falling should show any mind with a grasp of structural engineering that the towers were destroyed not by the planes but by controlled demolition.

This was a terrible tragedy and I understand it is almost preposterous to propose something like this. But however hard it may be to imagine a group of people so high in government willing to do this, the physics and events surrounding the event don't lie.

Keep your critical mind open.