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Truly Hidden Hosting with SporeStack

This has been well over a year in the making and I'm very proud to announce this. Tor hidden hosting for SporeStack where even your VMs can't know where they're hosted.

More details at sporestack.com, or at the SporeStack Hidden Service (only works if you're using Tor).

On a related note, this blog's V2 .onion now redirects to the V3 .onion (again, only works if you're using Tor). I made a mistake and found out I had the V2 service off for maybe the past few weeks, it's back now. Completely my fault. The blog hidden service servers are now separate from the clearnet blog, hosted and self-replacing with SporeStack Hidden Hosting. If a large entity or the federal government wish to "unperson" me, there's a good chance my blog will keep on living.