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Area 51

Area 51

I finally got an actionable comment from my rantbin.

I really want to know about Area 51, I never heard about this before until it the topic become popular on reddit... What's your opinion on this? Please publish an article on this!

A few minutes before starting this post, I saw this on Voat:

A massive child sex trafficking operation involving dozens of political/Hollywood elites has just been exposed and our faggot ass society is all of a sudden really fucking interested in Area 51.

Hmm. While I don't like to conspiracy theorize too, too far out, this seems plausible. I think the media does this to one form or another. Some terrible news comes out and they focus on something else outlandish but maybe not relevant. Good distraction for the few day attention span most of us have.

But alright, you asked for it. Area 51. By the way, I don't really know much about Area 51. Certainly not much more than the average American.

I saw one Youtube video of a couple guys on motorcycles trying to sneak in. Very quickly, some Humvees showed up and they were turned around.

Now because you asked me to write about something I know nothing about, you get to deal with my ineptness on the subject. Is Area 51 in Nevada or Utah? Or is it Arizona? I think Nevada. Let me confirm.

Yup, it's in Nevada.

One thing I have had refreshed since looking into Area 51 is that there are signs saying that use of "deadly force is authorized against tresspassers" all around its perimeter. I think that comes down to legalese. This was autorized by the McCarran Internal Security Act in 1950. Which interestingly, was particularly anti-Communist in nature.

I have little doubt that there's "interesting" things in Area 51 that would be shocking to most, at least over its long history. But aliens? Superhumans? Other wordly weapons? I am not so sure.

Secrecy begets conspiracy, but one thing I have seen clear-as-day is that any sort of military advantage or secret is guarded very heavily by law. Seemingly with a heavy handed approach. Take for instance, recently, a Chinaman was given a 219 year sentence for relaying missile chip technology back to China (Archive link).

What are the odds, that as the world's most powerful military, you'd want a secret site?

What are the odds that you'd be willing to let go of that status, even if it wasn't entirely needed?

I just don't see the merit in going down the Area 51 rabbit hole extensively. To me, it's one of those conspiracies that I'm sure things are there, but they're probably not the things that are going to effect me. It's interesting enough to be gripping but I really doubt what's developed at Area 51 will be used domestically, against Americans. And if it were, would knowing about it help us defend against it?

There's so many more tennable and useful conspiracies that you can take action on. Learning about the Federal Reserve and our fiat currency, the overtly Jewish influence on the world, the UK turning into a Muslim nation, the US being overrun with thousands of illegals at the southern border every single day.

I think Area 51 is one of the mainstream media's "favorite" conspiracies, because it's cool, catchy, and not much damages comes from digging into it. The real conspiracies are not the ones that everyone is talking about. Those ones are kept pretty quiet on Reddit, which is extremely censored, by the way.

And with this, I finish up with this rule of thumb that I just made up: If it doesn't offend anyone or get censored, it's probably not a conspiracy worth spending a significant amount of time on.

Thanks for reading. If that was you who told me to write about Area 51, I'm sorry that this isn't very in-depth. I'm just not informed in this area and this turned more philosophical than anything else. But feel free to tell me what you thought, even if you think I'm wrong or that this post was completely awful.