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AskTeran: Organ donation

Question: What are the pros/cons of becoming an organ donor?

While I believe that while technically, an organ donor is considered to simply be someone who donates/has donated organs to another, the context was with "organ donor" status on licenses. The status indicates a desire to have one's organs divided amongst the living upon your death.

So, I will list the pros and cons of organ donor status.

Pro: People live longer taking your organs.

Con: People live longer.

Pro: Your body lives on, even if you're dead. You will be remembered by your beating heart, filtering kidney, or breathing lungs.

Con: After you've lived a suffersome life and died a tragic death, the rest of you continues to suffer, being spread across several people.

Pro: Your body could possibly be used for the furthering of science.

Con: It'll only be on one study, which explains that those who don't brush their teeth have increased teeth decay and shorter intestinal tracts.

Pro: You're being recycled. It's biologically efficient

Con: You'll continue to torment the environment until every last part of you is terminated.

Pro: People remark at your incredible bone structure and ideal organs. The doctors invite their friends over to show just how powerful your heart is, and compare it against the hearts in neighboring bodies.

Con: Old, creepy men stare at your naked body for hours, delicately cutting things out of you.

Pro: The extraction of your organs and an advanced analysis of your diet prove that butter is good for you.

Con: No one would ever believe such heresy, so your body is ignored and put to waste. When they're done with it, they blend up your organs and it gets thrown away in the garbage, outside. Tyler Durden finds the bad and mistakes it for fat, and attempts to make soap with it.

Pro: You help keep the population of cows down, by keeping meat eaters alive.

Con: Your body would have kept the grass green for an acre, but instead the cows have died of malnutrition and everyone turns vegan.