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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Craig Wright Is Satoshi Nakamoto

Maybe later I'll cite some sources here and give some explanation. I've been around Bitcoin for a long time, most of you who know me will know that. I'm happy to tell my stories there if you are interested.

I don't mean to say I'm magically qualified to make this claim, but I like to think I have a little bit of weight on the topic of Bitcoin than a complete outsider or someone who bought at $19k.

Craig Wright is (probably) Satoshi Nakamoto.

You may not like him or what he stands for, and that's fine. You may be taken off guard that he's not a super anarcho-capitalist, anti-statist (I was). But more than likely, he is. He openly claims it on video, in court cases, in copyrights, and is setting himself up for a ton of trouble if he's not.

Maybe he knows Satoshi is dead and he can "take his place". Not a bad theory. I'd say though, it's him. Watching him on video, he talks and acts in a way that I can see it. He's the guy, but because he's been so anonymous for so long, he's appeared as this "perfect" being. When you see his flaws, it's uncomfortable because I think many of us somehow thought he was more than human. He's not.

I have a friend who finally helped encourage me to look into it and see the light. The more I listen to Craig, the more I like him. I don't agree with him on everything. But he seems to mean well and probably knows more about how the world works than I do. I won't claim to be humble and back down with my opinions, I just recognize that he may well be right.

Now with that out of the way, maybe you don't like his vision for Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV. That's okay. Maybe he was sharp enough to make it, but he's lost touch now and can't direct/influence it properly. That's a possibility.

I realize believing Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto comes across as believing in a flat earth to many. That's okay, I just wanted to make my statement as it's a pretty important issue. Feel free to disagree with me. I've put my money where my mouth is.

Update: 2020-12-01. I was more than likely wrong here. Not sure what to make of Craig Wright. Or if he is Satoshi Nakamoto, I'm pretty disappointed with him. He is an interesting guy nonetheless.