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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

I voted for Donald Trump

I remember when Trump was the butt of jokes at my previous job. I didn't look into him much at the time.

In the past few months, between a bit of thought, research, and time, I've grown to like him quite a bit.

To be certain, if you are not voting for one of the candidates with a zero percent chance of winning, the choice is obvious.

Hillary Clinton is a documented criminal. She's done horrible things as Secretary of State and her Clinton Foundation is a huge scam, which she's just leveraged for political favors.

Donald Trump is a businessman who certainly isn't perfect, but he has a good message. He doesn't always have a nice or kind tone and I don't agree with him on everything, but he's much less likely to burn this country into the ground. I actually think he'll be good for the US. No doubt, there would be some controversy and some issues, but of anyone running, he's actually my top pick. I think he'd do a better job than I could. Which, well, isn't saying much.

It seems like to many, if you like Trump, you are a fool, your opinions are invalidated. Well, I do. You can think of me however you will. I think what I do for a reason and though I'm not fond of democracy in general, I am a bit proud to have had the opportunity to vote for him.

My top pick would still be, and probably always will be, Ron Paul. He is one of the best and most honest men I know. He's consistent, cares about liberty, and you can actually see it thoroughly in his life. I doubt he is a perfect person, but I don't know of anyone nearly better, or even equivalent.

Regardless of what happens, I suspect it will be an interesting election. It truly is the election with the two least-popular candidates in history, running against eachother. If Trump wins, I suspect BLM may riot and a number of government employees may leave their jobs. If Clinton wins, I suspect it will be due to election fraud. And if she does, it seems that a war with Russia is likely, along with a bit of a civil war internally. Which, I can't say I would find a civil war unwarranted if she does make it into office.

Whoever you are, if you're reading this before the election, I recommend you stock up on food, water, and gasoline -- at a minimum. Maybe nothing will happen, but I doubt it. I suspect this will be a very interesting fall and you won't want to be caught off guard.

On another note, I purchased some land out in West Texas. Partly, with the election in mind. If things get to be too crazy, I may have to fall back there. If you're a like minded person, you can contact me and possibly also join me out there.