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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Employment Status

I guess this is another crossroads in my life. I had a pretty good run for almost two years and now things are almost up in the air.

Being paid to work on the Vagabond Workstation ended this year, one the businesses I'm involved with is in a slump and has no means to pay me within the forseeable future, and my major SporeStack customer dwindled away by the start of the year (after a truly massive run last year).

So SporeStack is far, far too small to sustain me right now. After moving out of San Antonio and going rent free, I've been trying to fix my income situation. I do have a reasonable savings together, but it's certainly not anything impressive. I'm not in any immediate risk at all, but I get antsy without some kind of consistent income and work lined up.

I've done a few things trying to mitigate this.

  • Made a DoubleMixer CLI/Python 3 library, taking a small affiliate fee off of transactions with it.
  • Integrated it into Vagabond Workstation and cut a new release, making it really easy to use (this was a pretty big "bootstrapping" issue I wanted to solve).
  • Added screenshots for SporeStack, DoubleMixer, etc. Trying to improve the user interest aspect of seeing bitcointalk threads and such.
  • Added Bitcoin SV support to WalkingLiberty and SporeStack.
  • Improved marketing/linking across my various mediums (never had a SporeStack link at the top of my blog before).
  • Added a browser server launcher to SporeStack's home page.

This isn't everything and has roughly been over the past month. I haven't noticed any change from any of this, although I have made a little from the double mixer setup. But a little as in enough for a couple meals, not enough for existence in the States.

At this point I'm pondering options and where to go from here. Is SporeStack's website just so horrible that people who would want to use it lose interest? Is the pricing too high, or not explained enough? Or is it fairly okay and am I not getting enough eyes on it? I don't know. I'm not good at marketing or making things pretty. I'm also hesitant to hire anyone to improve either of those things at this point.

I'm grateful that I have zero debt, shareholders, etc. I certainly know of things I can do to improve on what I have out. SporeStack really needs its Vultr driver back, for one. And a browser based double mixer could be good.

But of my immediate ideas, they are starting to run thin. It's weird working for yourself, you have to imagine what the market might want, build it, and then hope if you ever get paid for your time or not. Largely dependent on if what you make is relevant/decent. Or you can have the best product in the world and if no one sees it, it never gets used.

I guess I'm wondering where to go from here, kind of rambling. Maybe something will come to me. Maybe I'll have no luck at all. I'm grateful that my parents are happy to let me stay with them. Heck of a lot more comfortable than my off-grid property in Van Horn. I'd like to fix my income situation and move on to the next phase in life. Maybe move up to Idaho or somewhere in Colorado, I don't know. Or maybe settle in West Texas. I'm not sure.

I'm thinking about applying for work again. Don't really want to go that route but at the same time it is a heck of a lot easier.

Thanks for reading.