Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.


I have a very loose concept of home. I've moved on average once per year of my life (and I'm 28 as I write this). Whether for jobs or one thing or the other. Now most of those weren't state to state moves, but I've still lived in 7 different states and seen many more.

I've been wanting to settle down for the past few years. I started endeavors like New Country Project and Goat's Gulch, in essence wanting to create a home for myself somewhat inorganically. In some of my moves, such as moving to Colorado, I saw no future for myself there. It was a dead end and I knew I'd have to go elsewhere.

Finally, I ended up in Idaho. And I don't want this to read like an open invitation for all to move there. But Idaho is finally a place I feel at home. I feel like I can rest and not travel so much. I don't have to wander feeling lost.

The average person in Idaho I tend to find something in common with. In California I felt almost completely alone, unable to bond with almost anyone. While Idaho is growing rapidly still, there tends to be a reason people move here. For the most part, they are sick of how the rest of the country is going. They don't like socialism and multiculturalism. They just want to be left alone with their guns and with the mountains. Is that so bad?

Almost everyone I meet who's moved here came escaping from somewhere else, finding other places that were never home or became something completely different. Ultimately, Idaho is where you go to practice your freedoms and not try to raise taxes or force everyone to live a certain way.

For me, I moved place after place wanting somewhere like this. I uprooted myself over and over. Now I don't know where in Idaho I will settle down, but Idaho is my home. And there's no room in my home for Drag Queen Story Hour, socialism, mask mandates, rapefugees, and gun registration. Most of us up here are sick of all of that. There's trucks all over Boise with Trump flags, Blue Line flags, American flags, etc. There's Confederate flags even though this state was formed after the civil war. People open carry out here, the rest are probably carrying concealed. The few people here who don't like it that way can leave.

This is the spirit of Idaho. Give us one state to have as our own. You can have California. You can have New York. But you will not have Idaho.