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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Independence Day

Today in America, we might still be celebrating Brexit if it hadn't been for the courage of some very eloquent men to pen together a brilliant document and pursue independence.

Frankly, my knowledge of US history is abysmal, but I don't think one must know every detail to appreciate the level of bravery and intellect that the document's authors and signers had.

In a lot of ways, they did have some advantages. Far from Britain, they have a home soil advantage. But, the war lasted for 8 years and I am sure it was not an easy fight.

This was all spurred on, largely over tea. Yet, our liberties are trampled on in far greater ways these days. We just say "yes" and comply to no end.

I think things would be far worse if we hadn't left the British Empire. Maybe it would have happened envitably, but maybe not. We could have been part of the EU. We might have no "right" to firearms.

While America needs another revolution, at least we started off on the right foot.

Today, I highly encourage you to read the Declaration of Independence. Or really, any other day. Probably tough to find something better to read.