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Introducing SporeStack

I have a number of opinions on infrastructure design and architecture. In general, I think that servers shouldn't last forever. I also don't like accounts or holding any more data than you need to.

So today I'm launching SporeStack. It's a JSON API for launching servers. Payment is in the API request. So yes, software can pay other software if you want. It uses bitcoinacceptor) for payment processing and the servers are built on Vultr. They come up with an IPv4 address and IPv6. They last for 1-28 days, depending on how long you specify.

To eat my own dogfood, I've launched SporeStack with SporeStack. So the instance itself will be deleted in about 28 days. I'll probably create another instance before then and have it take over. Eventually, I'll automate the process more and the service will be redundant if it proves popular.

It's pretty easy to use:

$ pip install sporestack

$ sporestack spawn # Used to be 'nodemeup'

Creates a server for a day. There's an example for building a tor relay for 28 days. Can easily use this to make one-time VPN boxes, among other things.

I also have a video demo of it.

I hope to move more of my services to it in the future. Let me know if you have any questions.

Update: SporeStack used to use coinfee.net, but I have closed it down as it had no customers and wasn't necessary for me anymore. SporeStack has customers and is being used. It needs a lot of my time and attention, so I am focusing more and more on it.