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Is Violence the Answer?

I've been meaning to write for a while and have had a few ideas on topics. This one has sat for a while. There's definitely been times I was more inspired to write it. Also, I've listened to your feedback and I do have more pictures of Idaho on their way.

Anyway, on to your regularly scheduled programming.

I guess I've had some new experiences since my last posting. I've hung out with a "militia" that some would call "domestic terrorists." I'd call that laughable. One of the claims the media has made about the group is that they are Nazis. The group repeatedly negatively compares state government issues to Nazi Germany and calls people they don't like fascists. The Anne Frank Memorial stickers with swastikas were also discussed side-by-side with the group in the news, as if the group had anything to do with it. But no, I hate to break it to you all, it seems to be your standard Israel loving conservative Republican base who's just maybe a little more vocal.

Seeing these people has been interesting. I respect a lot of them quite a bit. They tend to be very bold. As for the rest, it's a pretty mixed bag and not always on the good side of mixed. But nonetheless, it's been a learning experience for me. The group, from what I've seen, has been strictly non-violent thus far.

I'll just say that generally speaking, seeing Trump supporters in the flesh probably has made me less of one. I guess every major political ideology is like that, but people's reasoning seems often quite stupid. Now I sure have enjoyed walking around Boise with my AR-15 to anger leftists and I do like Trump in a number of regards, but to think that he's truly "on our side" is asinine.

So, is violence the answer?


I find in my life of all of the problems I have, almost all of them I have room where I can improve. Though I must admit I certainly feel as if many of the problems I face are caused by other entities.

So I can list out what bothers me.

  1. Taxes.
  2. No place for just whites to settle.
  3. Dying white race.
  4. Loss of liberty.
  5. Emissions testing.
  6. No good land to live on.
  7. Masks.

And what am I doing about them?

  1. Now, I could go out and try to hunt down some IRS agents and local tax collectors and hang them. In theory, I wouldn't be hassled about taxes if I did it enough times (successfully). But what if I just tried not paying taxes? I've never done that before. It seems like the more peaceful solution. And if someone goes after me, there's a more direct link between violence and necessity.
  2. What am I actually doing about this?
  3. I haven't even had kids yet myself. I'm really not doing my part.
  4. In order to lose liberty, you have to be using it for one, and it has to be taken away. I try to assert my liberties. You have more than you expect if you're willing to take a little flak.
  5. I've yet to try ignoring the emissions testing letters.
  6. I've yet to try taking land or being financially responsible enough to acquire land. Or at least, I'm on that path now and haven't been before.
  7. It's amazing how many places you can just waltz right into, maskless, despite tens of mask signs. And what just showing up to a Central District Health meeting and making some noise can do.

I think, the more radical you become, the easier the idea is that violence is the answer. It's easy to forget what your contribution to a problem is, and if you haven't actually tried to fix it yourself, within the ways that you can. For instance, telling someone no is a good start before going around shooting people. I'm not saying to never go around shooting people, but at least learn how to say no first.

It just all falls down to first improving yourself, the one thing you can directly change, before anywhere else. I think if we all focused on self-improvement and being more assertive, we would not be at the point we are today.

The real struggle is when the corruption is not stopped, when it bleeds over from generation to generation. Except it doesn't just bleed over, it grows and grows. There gets to be a certain point where you are living a natural, free life where you are hassled, repeatedly. And hassling eventually becomes jail time and so forth. There is a certain point where forces are all so unilaterally opposed to your very existence that they limit your peaceful options one by one. You can accept your fate as a rat in the race, struggling for land in a rigged system, paying for those you'll never know so you struggle to provide for those you do. Or you can see the absurdity it is, and once you're doing all you can to be your best, when the tyrannical fate is at your doorstep knocking, it's surely the time to strike. If not already a bit sooner if you truly know the war is coming to you whether you like it or not.

I think that anyone wanting to rush into violence like it's candy and roses is absurd. But equally absurd is someone who claims to love liberty, but says it can always be accomplished peacefully, that violence is never the answer. The 2nd amendment clearly is not just for show. There are traitors who have to be hung. There are battles to be won. There is land to be conquered.

Sure, start the legal route as you can. Be peaceful. Many things can be won there. But when those routes are entirely against you, when there is no way forward, you either need to accept life of a slave or fight until you and your successors are free.

The pursuit of liberty is not about anyone "giving" you liberty. It's about being able to take it for yourself. The constitution, if not held up in the courts, is your responsibility to uphold.