Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.


Without war, we can't appreciate peace. Without evil, we can't appreciate good. Without struggle, we appreciate nothing.

It's amazing how technology evolves. It starts as novel and eventually ends up something we take for granted. This makes me wonder if we're actually getting ahead, as humans.

Think about how one generation would walk ten miles a day or more. The next part way through life, gets automobiles and appreciates them dearly. Then the third generation only knows automobiles. One day the automobile breaks and they don't know how to walk such distances and they are upset the automobile broke. They are more upset than the first generation which never knew the automobile.

I think this is true for just about every technology. Without knowing its absence, we take it for granted.

I wonder about war and the nature of mankind. If man makes war until he has it, or if war is how we appreciate the good that we have. Only in struggle is it revealed what we really want and care about. Maybe war is just a convoluted way to express misunderstood emotions.

I worry at times that I live too much of life through a screen. The screen can put any visual thing a hand's distance to my eyes. I can see more animals than I'd ever get to see in a lifetime in a single documentary. I can go more places with my eyes than I could ever go with my feet. Yet I am deceived that I am having experiences by my eyes. They tell me I know and see things I've never seen. I am somehow satiated from real adventure, real understanding, even if those real pursuits are indeed less.

All of the long pauses in life, the ups and downs, worry, uncertainty, all come together to paint something that connects the mind with the world around it. I know so much more now than I could have known a hundred years ago, or at least I think I know it. I don't have the glue in my mind, the experiences, the memories bonding it together.

Technology is incredible but on the whole it cheapens my interactions and my friendships.

Modern medicine is already making cures for sicknesses that would have taken many of us out by now. At a certain point it may let us live to 200 years old or more. And yet, if we were dying at 150, we would look back and be ungrateful to live only that long if that was what we knew. I worry that the better medicine and understanding of anatomy gets, the more we will take life for granted.

In fact, I think almost every advancement enables us to take more and more for granted. Would I do away with all technology? Probably not. But it worries me that I know less and less about life and more and more about things I have never done.