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Love, Acceptance, and Hate

Goats befoe hoes

I've done a pretty decent job integrating into a fairly redpilled community. Both friends and cliques online.

I think the modern redpill movement (I don't mean TheRedPill, like on Reddit, but redpill in general) is largely about bringing up surpressed facts and viewing the world more logically. Like, blacks are 13% of the population and cause 40% of the violence crime. Or Jews were 2% of the population (and still are, seem pretty steady in the US) but were 40% of the slave owners. Or statistics on gays (Youtube, higher quality unless it's taken down) being rather bleak causing inordinate amounts of child abuse, commiting suicide at high rates, and spreading STDs like the plague.

27 reasons you should not date an HIV-positive man right now

The "accept everyone" movement, in its hustling pursuit of love for all, has had to throw out facts along the way. It's no longer enough to accept the gays, you have to that being gay is wonderful and something you should be proud of. Part of the movement is embracing weakness for weaknesses' sake. If you haven't read it before, Ted Kazinsky's Industrial Society and Its Future is very insightful. Particularly, the sections describing leftism. (PDF, .epub)

I think the "accept everyone" movement hasn't gotten everything wrong. To a degree, tolerance is not a bad thing. But tolerance does not have to be embrace. There's a big difference between: "Being gay is wrong and I want to actively make anyone who's gay change or be miserable" and "Being gay is wrong but if you want to be gay on your own terms and not impacting anyone else, that's fine". This is a very tricky prospect with kids, although gay kids almost always suffered some kind of sexual abuse. But for the odd ones who don't, who maybe get "curious" (probably largely from romanticizing it as done by the media), is outright rejection really the answer? My parents gave me a terrific example here that I do not want to forget. They have always just wanted me to be happy. But, they never changed their opinion just to accomodate me. They might think I was doing something wrong. And they wouldn't support or embrace that, but they supported and embraced me. Kind of like the phrase, "hate the sin, love the sinner". Except now so many churches preach a completely hollow message where everything except "intolerance" is acceptable.

All of our officers are busy right now

Yet somehow, of the community I have found, which I thought was formed in logic, I have often found hate or at least aimless superiority. This has shocked me a bit, but it makes sense. No "movement" has only perfect people. I certainly am not. And I may be at least a bit wrong on this.

I think it's okay to recognize patterns and probable outcomes. IQ is the biggest indicator of success and genetics arer the biggest indicator of IQ. I think that is fine to acknowledge and I am proud to be white. But I don't want to look at every black person and immediately assume I am better than them. Am I smarter than them? Probably, maybe not. Am I better than them? I don't think it's really right for me to try and decide that. I think every human is best given the benefit of the doubt and treaten with respect. But respect does not mean gifts, does not necessarily mean use of certain ridiculous pronouns, and does not mean agreement.

I think some people are really struggling for identity and latch onto the white identity movement (which I think is a good thing, same with any race's identity movement) for that. Many of them have been hurt by many aspects of "the left". But I also see some who laugh at Mexicans and call them names. Or mock all black people. I don't quite understand that. I appreciate the memes and some jokes, but there's another point where you go from factual to excessive where you enjoy seeing someone else fail. I don't think that is a good thing and I probably don't walk the line very well, myself. I think of the white identity movement, a good number came to it by painful logic. I am one of those. Don't really have a naturally racist bone in my body. I was never raised that way, I was raised to treat all people fairly and based on merit. Now treating people based on merit, is, ultimately racist because not all races are the same and will tend to have different merit based outcomes. But it's far different than starting with the insecure perspective of looking down on someone before they even have the chance to shine. There are really, really smart black people out there and some very, very hard working Mexicans. And some very, very lazy whites. I'd rather not be caught off guard by the unexpectly good or the unexpectedly bad.

All of this said, I ran into a case recently on Voat. Empress is kind of the leader of women on Voat, very roughly speaking. She's highly respected and really is quite elegant and graceful most of the time. However, I take issue with how she is handling one particular situation.

My niece has arrived and Empress Boot Camp has begun!

This post will catch you up to speed. Essentially, my 15 yr old niece is a raging feminist and has bought into all the Marxist propaganda. Yesterday while grocery shopping with her, I learned that she also is into HAES (Health at every size) which is a philosophy where you can eat whatever you want and shouldn't be judged for it and men should still find you desirable. Ugh.
My cousin warned me that she tries to act like she's 35 and doesn't see the distinction between adults and children. The first thing I decided to do was to firmly establish that boundary. Our nanny picked us up from the airport and upon introduction, I insisted my niece call her "Miss Amy" since the nanny is an adult and my niece is a child.
At the dinner table, I learned that she only eats a couple of foods. She was served cauliflower, carne asada, and grilled zucchini and just stared at the plate. She doesn't eat veggies. I let her know that we have no snack food in the house and another meal wouldn't be served until breakfast so she'd best eat. Her table manners were lackluster and I had to remind her to put her napkin in her lap. We had her help clear the dinner plates and pick up a bit and then we went grocery shopping.
At the store, there was a SJW woman with a ridiculous outfit on and brightly colored hair and many tattoos. My niece commented how 'cool' she looked and that she too wanted to dye her hair. I turned to her and asked, "What do you think she's signaling?", my niece was clueless. Let her know that people who dress in a such a way often do so because they are trying to distract from their boring personalities- that these are people who have not worked on themselves.
Then I said the kicker: Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos.
She appeared to be in shock.
Made her go to bed early so that we can hit our cross-fit class this morning. I'll be sure to keep you all updated as we go along.

I thought this was pretty reasonable.

I loved this line: Men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos.

I thought that was pretty funny. Even if you disagree with it, being told things like that every once in a while really isn't going to hurt anyone. And gives some pretty good perspective.

Empress Boot Camp Update: Things went from 0 to 60 real quick

This is where things get dicey. Snipping out the first bit of it.

This morning I did my normal routine. Made the bed, emptied dishwasher, started laundry, mopped the floor and started a load of laundry before cooking breakfast. Woke my niece up and had her dress and tidy her area. After breakfast, we went to workout and she did a very good job. Was not an easy workout.
On the drive home I noticed she was texting non-stop on her phone. Asked her who she was texting with and she showed me a picture of some black guy about 3 years her senior. He's a guy from school and she claims he's like a 'big brother'. I was pissed. The first thing I said was that if she ended up with a black that I'd never speak to her again. She was upset and said that they're "just friends". Let her know that the only reason he's sniffing around is so that he can pop her cherry- that blacks view taking a white girl's virginity as a trophy of sorts. Also told her that guys don't want to be friends with girls...that he's only hanging around in hopes of getting some practice.
We got home and the nanny/babysitter asked how things went. I asked my niece if she'd like to tell her. Niece showed the nanny the pic of the black guy and the nanny went off. She said, "GROSS, interracial relationships are disgusting!". We went back and forth and I asked for my nieces phone and then locked it in the gun safe. She's crying now.
Please send me red pill memes that are easy for a teenage girl to understand.
This is an emergency.

I don't think it's wrong for a parent, aunt, or whomever to express their own views. Saying that they wouldn't like it if they dated a black guy is perfectly fine. On the other hand, Empress is saying that she would completely reject her if she ended up with a black guy. This is her niece. Maybe it isn't true, and if it isn't, it's still wrong to lie just to get a reaction. Empress has very good intentions and doesn't want her to become a cat hoarding single mother to mixed kids with a gender studies degree (I am paraphrasing a little here, but not much). Then locking the phone away seems rather harsh and like it wasn't in response to a particularly greivious offense. Not being without a phone is not so bad and could very well be good for her. But the lessons people accept the most are the ones they teach themselves.

Here Empress is playing the shame card to whip her niece into shape. And no mater how good or how sound her advice is, she's being manipulative to achieve her end results. It's the sort of thing that my parents would never do with me and in seeing their example I never feel settled seeing shame employed to control people.

To me, the long and hard road is the right road here. I think it's more appropriate to show a positive example and voice your opinions where reasonable and when you feel like it. Stepping on people's toes a little is not a big deal and should make them stronger. But forcing conformity will never, ever be appreciated. It is how you get followers and not thinkers, workers and not loyal family. The people I respect the most were not forced to live a certain way. They came to their conclusions on their own. Maybe with poking and proding. Maybe with the occasional "okay, that's way too much". But through their own experience. Thing as well is that if you are teaching and practicing the truth, people will eventually see it for what it is. If the majority of women are happy being submissive and housewives, that will show up in lifestyle and make sense when they see it in action.

In fact, I think one of the greatest aspects of femininity is love and acceptance regardless of agreement. If someone is your family or a friend who you have chosen, being able to support them but not necessarily their choices is a very important skill.

I don't want to see us yo-yo as a society into having strong traditional values that are ultimately a product of force rather than rational realization. If we do that, we're just going to bounce up, go opposite and way too far, then eventually come back down.

Update: Empress had a very good follow up post.

Thanks for reading.