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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Modern women

I think that the modern woman is society's own creation. I don't think she is what she is because she's inherently bad, but primarily because of the environment we give her.

She is raised with practically endless freedom. She is told she can be a mother, have an education, hold a job, and even climb the corporate ladder. She feels like men have felt for years.

But with men, that freedom was tempered with the expectation of responsibility. When you fall, there is no one to catch you. But women are caught over and over. They are taught that they are "special", that their feminine charm makes them worthy of coddling and enabling.

What I sense is that women have been granted the freedoms without the expectations. Now they have their not only their cars, but their fathers to change the tires. They have their education, but they did not provide it. And after they picked a useless degree and find they have no job, they wait around for a man as a resource and not as a provider. Then the man provides resources for her and she has no house making skills in return. The woman cannot cook or clean, even to the simplicity offered by modern standards.

The modern woman who is disrespectful, selfish, not apt at job nor chore, is the product of enablement. We still treat women like we did fifty years ago, back when they were respected for taking care of the home and making the household run. Back when they were modest and appreciative.

You can see the system in play with dating. Write up any decent ad as a woman and post it. Write up any decent ad as a man and post it. Men are desperate for women and women see themselves as fine with nothing to improve. The market signals are not in place for them to realize improvement is necessary. A man will bend over backwards for her. But why? She offers nothing. Men have learned to work, cook, clean, and put up with modern woman's tempermental nature.

The problem is that women are given all of this and not without the same treatment. A man is too willing to put up with a disrespectful woman when he should just leave her. Another man will pay for her while she does lip service to him, despite no commitment between the two. The women, in effect, are running the show as they are pulling the strings.

Now, most of what I've said can be said of many, many men. I tend to find that most cultures have a sex which is the underdog. In the US it is the man. In India it is the woman. Indian men are much like the American women. And Indian women are much like American men.

I know there are good women out there but it's a dwindling sea. The sad thing is, we men have created and enabled it. All we have to do is start saying no and the women will eventually fix themselves.

And if you've found a woman who's respectful, wants to grow, and tries to do right before being told so, then keep her and cherish her.