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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Never Again Protest: Denver, CO

I hate driving to Denver. So some especially crazy part of me must have been stirred to decide to drive to Denver and listen to a bunch of Jews chant "Abolish ICE!".

I'm glad I did, it was very worthwhile.

I'm staying with my parents in Fort Collins for the summer for a few reasons, which don't really matter in the context of this post. I told my parents my crazy idea to drive to Denver to film this protest with my Go Pro while wearing my MAGA hat (which I've actually never worn before and my Mom bought for me). I clearly must get some crazy genes from my Mom because she immediately asked if she could join me. While I know some protests can be dangerous to show up blatantly opposing, thinking about it I also thought the odds of looking serious and not being messed with were a lot higher with my Mom there. I also really didn't know what to expect and did not want to put her in any danger. Of course, I went armed, but it wasn't needed in the slightest.

Last week, protesters at an Aurora (near Denver) ICE facility had the gall to take down the American flag and raise a Mexican flag (archive link. I think these were more Antifa types. Jews have very low pain tolerance and I suspected they would be all bark and no bite. I also purposefully didn't shave to look a bit less like someone you'd want to mess with.

We were there quite early. 30 minutes before the start of the event, people started showing up. We weren't sure if anyone would be bussed in or not, especially if they were paid protestors. We saw no indication that any of them were paid.

We didn't have a huge plan. Initially, I thought about walking from where we parked the truck with the hats on. I think what happened was quite a bit better. We sat down among them, but off to the side about 25 minutes till start (which was 5PM, supposed to go till 6:30PM). We effectively sat in stealth mode and no one talked to us. The conversations I overheard seemed perfectly normal until the event was about to start.

Here's my first photo at the event, taken sort of covertly. At least by my standards.

Never Again Protest - Denver, CO. Over the shoulder

Here's the rest that were after the donning of the hats at 5PM:

Never Again Protest - Denver, CO. Hey GOP

Never Again Protest - Denver, CO. Kippah

Never Again Protest - Denver, CO. Panorama

And now, for the full video.

I doubt most of you want to sit through all 32-ish minutes of that. So I have some suggested watch points.

Video timeline

  • 3:15 Talking about blocking the road which they know is illegal, who to call if you get arrested.
  • 9:45 Doning of the hats
  • 10:00 We get interviewed.
  • 12:30 Illegal border crossing: "criminal vs civil"
  • 17:30 Meet some conservatives who have been tracking an "all ages" drag show where kids are being tipped to dance erotically.
  • 27:45 Get flipped off.
  • 30:00 "Judaism means being political"

Alternative watch methods

  • Bitchute
  • Youtube (By far the best quality between the video I have here and Bitchute)
  • I can also provide the original 11GiB MP4 file if desired.

Grand finale

My Go Pro ran out of juice about 32 minutes in as it wasn't fully charged. We left after having dinner downtown and were among the last cars through the lights before the protestors blocked the road. So here's a very short clip of them chanting "Abolish ICE!" before the light goes green.

You can watch the official event videos on their Facebook. Indeed, right after they show my truck, they block the road, protest, and get asked to leave by police.

The displayed videos, photos, and this text are released into the public domain.

Extra gems

Also found a couple photos from when I was in the lion's den. Kind of proud of this.

I'd like to thank my Mom for coming out and for buying me the hat in the first place. She's very brave, looked like she felt less nervous than I did when we first donned the hats. Trip was much better because of her, to, from, and during.