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Next Adventure, Again

I had already made a post titled "Next Adventure". Looking back at it was rather embarrassing in some respects, but perhaps I should leave it as-is to remember where I've come from.

I've lived in San Antonio for about the past year and a half. Minus some time in Colorado, traveling, Romania, etc. I'm finally breaking free and changing things up a bit.

Technically, I'm moving out to my property near Van Horn in West Texas. Whether or not I'll make it out in the thorny, duney, high desert, I don't know. But I'm hoping for the best and preparing as I can before I move.

I'm also preparing towards doing the Utah BDR motorcycle trip with my Dad this summer. I did the Colorado BDR with him back in 2017, even recording a video series on Youtube. It was a shame we had to forgo any such trip last year, I hope that's the last year where that's the case until my Dad gets too old to ride. For those of you who don't know, BDR stands for "Backroads Discovery Route". Generally, a BDR is a cross-state trip going on as much dirt as possible. I can safely say that trekking across a state in nearly a week over the dirt is far more interesting than in a day by interstate.

The Colorado BDR we did not camp, we stayed in hotels along the way. For the Utah BDR we are planning to camp. Admittedly, I'm not a skilled camper so I'd like to change that. I'm getting backpacking gear and will see about loading up a bike for motorcycle camping. I did this once before on a '71 BMW R50/5 for one night and was woefully unprepared. After a miserable couple hours, I caved in and rode to a hotel.

Anyway, I've been thinking lots about modularity, equity, and usefulness of things. Ideally, I would have a shipping container delivered at my property, but it's no simple feat to even get a shipping container shipper to talk to me on the phone about feasibility of dropping it off among mesquite thorns and such. This got me thinking about buying an old Uhaul of sorts, some kind of box truck, for storage out at my property. While this is probably less money than getting a shipping container delivered, I realized that an enclosed trailer could be moved much more easily and have more utility. The box truck cannot easily be moved except under its own power -- another motor, transmission, etc, to maintain. A trailer I can pull. Now trailer weight and frontal area are limited with my 4-cylinder 4x4 '95 Tacoma, but it seems I can pull about as much as I have to fit.

I have very little experience with trailers, driving with them, backing up with them, hitching, etc. So it's been a learning experience. I have a roughly 5x8 foot enclosed V-nose aluminium trailer by Neo, quite a nicely built piece. I'll be putting my things worth keeping into it. I also purchased a Micro-lite Wazat, the first model back before the Wazat II. Despite the funny name, it seems very well made and thought out. RV/trailer life is new to me and my hope is that I can sleep comfortably off grid at my property while building something more substantial. I also hope that I enjoy it enough to pull it around and stay in RV parks and campsites rather than hotels in my journeys. Perhaps I'll become a summer bird, I don't know.

I'm most likely not going to work much for the next month, ish. I'm focusing on handling these changes, wrapping up my San Antonio life, and shipping myself west.

Thanks for following along.

Until next time,