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No Longer Using Bitmessage

I've used Bitmessage for some time and have always been a fan of it. Unfortunately, PyBitmessage, the reference implementation, has not kept up to date. It's still Python 2 only, which has been end of lifed. On FreeBSD I'm unable to run it, I think also due to a lack of Python QT4 support (seems to have moved on to QT5).

I'd love to keep using it, but I don't have the time to try and get it going.

One of you sent me a Bitmessage recently (I was told through a feedback form on the bottom of the page). Honestly, I haven't been on Bitmessage in a couple of months. So as I post this I will remove the Bitmessage address as a way to contact me.

But, I'll also try spinning up a Debian instance and accessing Bitmessage one last time to hopefully catch any messages I've missed.

I'm sorry for not doing this sooner in case any of you have been trying to reach me.