Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Pencil Seeks Eraser

(This isn't 100% accurate. I'm not looking for just an eraser. It's a little more of just a writing than something true.)

It has been said before that I like to write. Not only from myself, but from many others. Or at least, perhaps they think I like to write, because I write, like I like to write. This may be very true.

For now, I shall equate myself with that of the pencil. This is partly true.

I am able to write much, often out of intuition. I don't plan, or think much as I write. I just write, it happens. It is the nature of the pencil, the graphite surrounded by wood. I can draw, but maybe it's just me, it never comes out quite right. And my handwriting is absolutely horrible, so I win no points there, either.

Thus, I have to write words, and not draw letters. If I am to be seen as much from my writing, it has to be enough for the reader to see beyond the sloppy writing, indicating it belongs to a young child, and write words that come from noone else, to where I am neither human, machine, pencil, nor writer. Just a being forming strings of words to convey.

Though I work to get better every day, my lines are still not perfect. My words have mistakes, and sometimes I use the wrong words entirely. Even yet, sometimes the whole paragraph, the whole paper, is not what it should be. But how does a pencil erase? Simply by making everything look the same. This is a long, laborious, and wasteful process. Shading in the whole paper, until it is just graphite.

Maybe what I need in my life is an eraser. Something I can flip over to, and soften my mistakes. Or, to let me fill in my mistakes with something better. An eraser to gently nudge my writing until it is toned and finessed, and the document is greater than the sum of its parts.

In essence I, the pencil, will write the story. It will be good. You, the eraser, are my best means to make it great.

Dislikes: Glossy paper Fears: Pens Smokes: If lit on fire