Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.


Early on in life, I thought piracy was evil. Then I read Torrent Freak; I thought piracy was amazing.

A bit after, I thought IP in general was evil. And finally, I've come to this conclusion.

Obviously, copying something is not the same as taking. Piracy is not theft in that sense.

Piracy generally puts you at odds with the author and deincentivizes him/her to continue producing. I see it as a sort of agreement-theft. The band is only comfortable selling their music at a certain price. If you go ahead and copy it, then enjoy the music, you are at odds with them whether they know it or not. You are not respecting their desires, but you are enjoying what they have made.

There's no other way to put it, but that is disgusting.

There's definitely a case for downloading something and trying it if there's no other decent option. Perhaps, getting it in a new format after buying it some other place and keeping both copies to yourself. Or maybe for a quick sample and what not. But to truly enjoy something, having never paid for it, how can you enjoy it? It sounds the same, it looks the same, but it isn't the same. The author made what they did, presumably for money. They made a statement that they would sell X for Y. And you have X, they do not have Y. There should be no laws protecting this, rather, it should be your own conscience that does.