Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.


Feeling special is a strange thing.

Relationships can be bullet point driven job applications. They can be blindingly emotional. But they always, to some degree or another, should feel special. No one wants to feel like they are there for convenience's sake or shoehorned into what you want.

A better way to paint it might be As Good As It Gets. I've been quite the Melvin. I even watched the movie, sort of got it, but not really.

I think I finally understand a little more now.

When you've never been with anyone, it's easy to fall for the wrong person. But at a certain point you end up "knowing what you want" but never feeling anything. I guess you need a logical framework about what you want. Once enough in common is established, you get to know someone. Your actions showing both what you think and what you feel.

Sometimes, I write a lot more about what I feel than I show it. At some point you have to show someone what you feel with your actions. No one wants to be the person who "got the job." They want to be the only person who you'd go as far for.