Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.

SporeStack LLC

SporeStack.. LLC? I've never had an LLC before. SporeStack is now an LLC in the state of Wyoming. Based out of Texas at least for the time being.

I'm very excited about this. It's a huge step forward for me and for SporeStack.

Now, this wasn't all that I wanted to talk about. I've had this issue I've been dealing with for a long time. The issue being the question of how much I share online and with others about my beliefs and ideas.

Over the years my blog has grown progressively more offensive to a number of people. I'm not blatantly intending to offend anyone and the content is also here if you read it. You have to take the step forward and read it. If you don't want to read it, that is completely fine.

Now, we live in a day and age where saying certain things can destroy your reputation, even if you just question something or belive some idea. People like to go on witch hunts, whether you're in a conservative crowd and say your thoughts that abortion shouldn't be illegal, or in a liberal crowd saying you voted for Trump -- or anything between.

The funny thing to me is that at my heart I am an anarcho capitalist. This means I don't want there to be a legal system in place. I want agreements and disagreements to be purely civil, from one person to another. I don't want a legal stick to chase others with. So much so that I think everything I've written (code and text) I've put into the public domain. I have no legal recourse for it and void my rights in the process, so that hopefully humanity can benefit more from it by not squabbling about over what license is here, who wants credit here, etc. Same with photos, whenever I get around to uploading them.

Anyway, so when I say that I don't think being gay is a good thing, I'm not trying to push for a system in which gays are thrown in jail or can't get married. In fact, I don't think marriage should be handled by the state at all. I don't want to enforce my ideals on other people. You may be offended that I think such a thing at all, but why do you care what I think? At the end of the day I've had gay friends and am perfectly capable of having more. I may think someone's choice of Dodge trucks is just as bad as them being gay. It's not a big deal to me and I don't want to live in a society where I can use my thumb and push a homogenous system based around me on others. Ultimately, I don't want to be forced to act or think a certain way. I don't want to be threatened with violence if I don't pay taxes towards things I don't want to pay for. I also don't want to use that system against others. Now I will do things towards what I think is the lesser of evils, but ultimately in a certain direction.

With all that said, it would be easier for me to erase what I've said, maybe issue an apology, and it might make my professional life easier. In fact, I was supposed to give a talk at a local school but it was canceled because students found my blog and deemed me too offensive, that even meeting me they would be uncomfortable. And that's completely fine, I think the school has every right to do that.

But it was a wake up call for me that this stuff can get noticed. It's quite possible someone media group will read my blog and write an article titled: SPORESTACK'S OBJECTIVIST, MISOGYNISTIC FOUNDER DOESN'T BELEIVE IN CLIMATE SCIENCE. Some of my customers might read this and decide to sever ties.

So it's quite possible that I will impede my business endeavors by speaking my mind. And that's okay. Maybe I'll only end up making a million dollars a year instead of ten. Or maybe I will crash and burn and society will reject me. If that's the case I can retire and live off grid. I'd like SporeStack (LLC!!!) to be a huge success. But I don't want to be someone else just to make that happen.

My main goals in life are pretty simple. I want to find out the truth, whatever it is, whether or not it's popular or easy to swallow. I'd also like myself and others to be able to live without coercion and force. So if you pay for my services, odds are you'll be promoting those things in one way or another.

As always, if you disagree with me I'm quite happy to talk, at least to a point. I know I'm wrong about a lot of things and sometimes it just takes one convincing argument to make me see that, and a good discussion for me to realize things I hadn't thought of before.

Thanks for reading.

PS: It's OK to be white.

PPS: This doesn't mean I will share anything and everything of what I'm doing, but you should be able to get the general idea. So I might not use the same slurs or talk about my seven brothels, my dark net market, and prototype nuclear warheads. At least, the classified ones.