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Sunday Dinner

I had an ex-girlfriend who was a great chef and exceptional baker. She felt strongly about having friends and family gather to share meals. I think it's somewhat of a natural view point from someone who's job centers around food.

I don't remember exactly what conversation got it started, but we decided to start hosting dinners. We called them Capitalist's Communion. I can't recall if this was always the case, but we soon settled on dinner time on Sunday. This might have gone on for about 9 months before I left for California.

These dinners were the highlight of my time in San Antonio before I left. We would have anywhere from 4 to 12 people gather, eat, talk, and part ways. Often, these are people without any consistent weekly dinner routine with their own families. I think it became as special to some who came as it did to myself, hosting the events. It's hard to describe why it's so special having people around, eating and talking. I guess it kind of connects the dots on the whole week. Maybe a bit like sleeping, in the way it helps the mind come to terms with the week and the company of those you care about.

I moved back to San Antonio and wanted to start these dinners again. I thought about it for some time but finally did once I was more settled. Just wrapped up week 3 and I couldn't be prouder. My same two friends have showed up every weekend. Though it's just the three of us, it feels quite meaningful. I've often struggled to know what home is, but it certainly feels more like home having people in your life gather together regularly.

It's such a simple thing although I make it a little harder than it has to be, trying to live up to the cuisine standards my ex had set. It isn't easy cooking for and planning a big meal, lots of small steps and details. I guess having been burned a lot by exes, I wanted to host it at the same standards and prove to myself I could do such a thing without being dependent on a woman. Not that I wouldn't rather have a woman's help or a woman taking ownership of it, but knowing I'm not reliant on that to gather and feed my friends is nice to see in action. Admittedly, it isn't quite as good as her food, but I'm always impressed by how much food gets eaten and I feel it's adequately good.

I think one of the most broken parts of society is the lack of quality interaction and gathering together. And this sort of event will do that while keeping your cooking skills sharp, and getting you a head start on cooking for the upcoming week.

So it's Sundays at 6PM in San Antonio at my apartment. I'll consider random internet dinner attendees after meeting over a tea or the like if you happen to read this, be in the area, and are interested in some food and company. There's no charge -- it's my personal investment in my friends and my own community. It's quite worth it.

Of course, wherever you are, consider giving this a try. It's not that big of a deal to do. Does cost some time and money, but what good thing doesn't? Just set a consistent schedule. Might also be wise to not let the group grow too fast with too many new faces, else it might lose identity.

Thanks for reading.