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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Table bed / work bench / four legged 6x2' MDF board

Hi everyone,

In my quest for a more ideal sleeping surface, I built this magnificent table bed. It's perfectly flat and firm, theoretically the ideal according to my sleeping idealist beliefs. Unfortunately, it's also made of MDF, so it leaches formaldehyde into the air. Short term, it appears to cause dry eyes when being slept on. Long term, probably cancer.

So, I now recommend not sleeping on this bed. But if you do, that's very cool. It does hold 175lbs and the increased mechanical stresses of breathing, but is still very flimsy due to my poor design. If you think further into it's applications, it infact may be an ideal table surface for a garage.

So, if you are in need of a cancer-causing bed or merely a neglected garage table, look no further!

Dimensions are over 6' in length, 2' in width, and less than 2' tall. This is the minimum requirement for a 6'2" sleeping male of my stature; larger users may have issues.

Bitcoin and gold/silver bullion also accepted as payment. Otherwise, $5 will suffice. I'd hate to budge on the price, unless you have a really good story and intruiging plans for this table bed.

Thanks, Teran

PS: Please excuse the tire track on the bed's MDF surface.