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The Holocaust Controversy

Jewish population in Germany, 1933

I expect that most reading this will think I am crazy and that the the mainstream story of the Holocaust is factual. I certainly was extremely skeptical when I first started hearing of "Holocaust Deniers". And while I can't convey my entire journey, I can explain at least in part where I am at and why. I don't expect you to believe me or to think I am reasonable, and that is fine if it is the case. But if you are curious and have an open mind, I think this is worth your time.

I believe that the story of the "6 million Jews killed", mostly by gassing by the Nazis, is false. At a minimum, it is a gross oversimplification of reality. And while grim, the plight of the Jews under the Nazis was not how it has been described. Very relevant history from World War I is largely ignored as well.

Before I dive in deeper, I'd like to start with a few mostly unrelated things to set the tone.

Modern references

Here, I showcase present day glaring disregard of reality.

Never Again Action

This is a Jewish group who is working towards shutting down ICE by protesting. They claim that children are being held in cages (even Snopes of all places agrees with me on this one) and say that we have "concentration camps" at the border. I won't go into detail here, but I will say that the situation has not been any different with Trump than it was on any other recent president, who they blame repeatedly. Having land about 70 miles from the border and explored West Texas quite a bit, I think the treatment of illegals is actually much too lenient as they are caught and then released, a number being caught multiple times. Often smuggling drugs, humans, etc. As I wrote before, I had a half-dozen illegals cross right near my land in West Texas dressed in all black. Anyways...

I went to one of Never Again Action's protests and documented it on video, if you'd like to learn more.

If you follow their Twitter feed you can see the what they are stating as fact. And I believe many of them believe it themselves, it's just a pretty clear example of an issue fabricated suddenly with Trump's arrival into office, blown way out of proportion and with little connection to reality.

Russia Collusion

It never ends. Especially on CNN. "Russia this," "Russia that". While no doubt, Russia had some minor influence in the election, it's a real red herring and somehow accepted by numerous people that Trump ran because of Russian influence over the American public.

Historical reference

Witold Pileki, a Pole who was both in Auschwitz and taken captive by the Soviets, compared his experience under the Soviets to his time in Auschwitz.

Oświęcim [Auschwitz] compared with them was just a trifle.

He said, to his wife. Source, Another source.

Why was it that the Soviets taking over half of Germany was a victory, according to the Allies? Had the world forgotten about Holodomor where millions of Ukranians died of deliberate starvation? This was under Stalin, who continued to lead the Soviets through World War 2.

The Holocaust

I'm not going to try to make this case on my own. There's much too much to cover. I won't describe it well. If you'd like to learn more, here is what I recommend.

So far, this is the most palatable document on the Holocaust that I've found:

It's not that long. I highly recommend starting there. There are numerous other resources, of course. If you'd like a very, very long documentary, check out The Greatest Story Never Told.

Will end this section with a video on gas chambers by Fred Leuchter.

Now, to be fair here is a video that claims to debunk Gas Chambers by Fred Leuchter on Youtube. Here is one of the webpages the video references. Unfortunately, neither the video nor the document link to the original video. I believe there were mistakes in the video and the methodology, but not that it was entirely wrong.

The Transfer Agreement

And, something interesting that doesn't prove anything I'm saying about the Holocaust. Rather, that there is more to the story. There is a book, published in 1984, called The Transfer Agreement written by a Jewish author. It explains how the Jewish boycott with Germany was used as a negiotation tactic to help start Israel. Nazi Germany effectively founded Israel, and brought 60,000 Jews to Israel in exchange for an end of the boycott. There used to be an interview on Youtube about this, but sure enough, it was taken down for hate speech.

Wrapping up

None of this here is definitive proof that Germans didn't gas Jews by the millions. Please make up your own mind, do your own research. At a minimum, there is misinformation on both sides.

I'll include a couple related pictures below this.

German document saying everything must be done to lower the death rates in the camps

Nazis made soap of 26 million people

Jewish population worldwide during the Holocaust

Red Cross 1944 Letter stating no trace of installations for extermination purposes


I recently found CODOH which I think is a far better resource than what I've come up with. I'd like to end with an infographic that seems to be from one of its users.

The Final Solution to the Jewish Question