Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.

The -isms

Largely through Voat I've realized how much of the world is out to get straight white men. If I had heard this a couple years ago I might've acknowledged it but thought little of it. Now I am seeing it pretty constantly and at earlier points in my life I did have some level of guilt for being a white man, that I somehow had it easier than everyone else.

Case in point for the double standard: https://archive.fo/jOXhs (Yes, it was taken down.)

There are numerous other examples. I think being aware of such strong biases is important.

There's also a statistically significant amount of difference between races and peoples. Jews are overrepresented in just about every leading role, have a number of dual Israel/US citizens in government offices, and are often two faced, blaming whites by playing the victim as Jews. It's horrendous.

It's no secret there are notable IQ differences between races. And some inate behavioural differences as well. Genes do matter, it's not some thing that amounts to nothing. Just as breeds of dogs have notable differences, so do humans. Some people prefer Great Danes over Terriers. Some people prefer black people to hispanics. What's the big deal? If you're not kicking the terrier while you coddle the Great Dane, is any harm done?

Of course seeing the trends of Jews hating whites, zionist propaganda, blacks being violent and dumb while blaming whites for everything, and even women hating on men, is downright depressing. And as a response I have largely become racist, sexist, and anti-Semetic in response.

However, this doesn't really accomplish anything. I'd hate it if I missed out on a good friendship with a hard working, honest Jew. Or an intelligent black customer. Or maybe there's a good woman who'll put up with me who's Jewish and doesn't play the holocaust card over and over.

I still recommend being aware and noticing these trends. I think I'll always notice when a -stein writes an article about how terrible whites are, or be more cautious around black men because they are more violent. But pushing them aside entirely makes no sense. I believe we are all largely in control of our lives. Of course if you practice what you preach and you preach treating goyim as lesser humans, it's going to come back around to get you in some way or another. Or if your prophet beats and sleeps with children, how much respect are you ever going to have?

I don't really believe in "tolerance", but understanding and having honest discussions. There are differences between people. Some people will never get along. Why deny things instead of accepting them and working with them as best as you can?

Anyway, happy New Year's Eve.