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The Rebellion

I scraped this from the bowels of the Internet. I started on this when I was 11, back in 2003. I think I stopped working on it when I was 12, maybe 13 at oldest. I think I wrote more, but this is what I've uncovered. Not sure this will interest anyone, but putting it here regardless. Obviously, nothing at all to write home about but sadly not the cringiest thing I have ever written. At the bottom you'll find a copyright notice, this was back before I put everything in the public domain. You can count it as public domain though I don't know what you'd do with it.

The Rebellion

By: Teran McKinney Edited by: Matthew Schaetzle


Teaden, a 13-year-old human gladiator, jabbed an axe baring orc in his left side with his short sword, and with a roar of applause he yanked his sword back out and exited the arena to his holding cell. Because the government needed money they decided to charge “entertainment taxes”. But to keep the country’s citizens from rioting, they looked for anyone within the Owaec state, which Teaden was from. Anyone older than the age of twelve, and proficient in fighting would have their families killed, and they would be forced to be gladiators to entertain the public. The government deduced that the hatred the gladiators would feel for the murderers of their families, would fuel them with more energy and strength. They would fight more proficiently, and in doing so the battles would be bloodier and the citizens would be happier. The gladiators were encouraged through manipulation, to harness their anger for optimal energy, this was the government’s way to brainwash the gladiators. They would also use magic to cast a spell on the gladiators to mentally force them harness the energy from their family’s death. This method was extremely effective, however it would leave them unable to make intelligent decisions in battle. Some of them had strong willpower and could resist the magic used in the manipulation and were not affected at all. Fortunately Teaden was one of them, which were not affected.

Teaden (pronounced: Tae-den) had short black hair, brown eyes, and was very tall. He had exceptional strength and endurance for his age, and protected his family from several bands of rogues whom made many attempts for kill his family and steal their possessions. He was also very intelligent; he had excelled through all of his studies of education years ahead of the normal age of graduation. Teaden was not, however, devoid of problems. His work ethic for things that he did not want to do was quite poor. He was born without a sense of smell; he also was very stubborn in certain ways. While being forced through the manipulative camp, with 20 soldiers surrounding him, he attempted killing a soldier and running away. He stabbed the nearest solder in the back of his neck with a dagger and started fleeing, but unfortunately the other soldiers swarmed around him and held him back by holding their swords to his neck.

In the holding cells that the gladiators lived in; they each had a curtain to divide men and women. The government randomly selected 4 people of the same age group; they did not care if they were of opposite gender. The cells also had separate bathrooms, and hammock beds that were suspended above each other in sets of 2 to save space. Teaden shared his holding cell with Reksha, a tall female human swordswoman, which was a good friend of Teaden’s. Vandell, a tall 13 year old half Elf, Teaden’s best friend, who was a very proficient archer, and Nadrelina, an Elvish 13 year old female magician. Fortunately, they all had enough willpower to avoid being brain washed, and were all friends with each other. That night Teaden, Vandell, Reksha, and Nadrelina were all talking about how their day went, and about their strategies for the next day’s battle. A week ago they also spoke of starting a rebellion against Aklosh, because of the poor laws, corruption, and gladiator slavery that they we forced into. They secretly spoke of this rebellion also in their cell.

Chapter 1

Each holding cell was counted as a team; the separate teams would rarely battle each other unless there was distention among the teams. Teaden and his team were very glad that they did not have to battle their fellow prisoners, as the battles were always very bloody. There were different game variations that they would play; there was the typical Blood Fest, which meant complete annihilation of the enemy team. There was also Capture the Flag, in which each team would make their own flag and the enemy team would try to take it and return it their base, and vice versa. But killing in the game was perfectly legal, so in order to get your team’s flag back, you would have to get it from the opposing team by slaughtering them. There were occasions however when shear fright was enough to make the opposing team surrender their opponent’s flag. The first team to capture the flag 5 times would win, but there was no punishment for failing. Teaden’s team, named Seeth, all agreed that the worst game variation was The Mortal Maze. In The Mortal Maze, the only variation without fighting the enemy team, you and your team would have to endure going through a maze before the opposing team did. If your team lost, your most powerful teammate would be hung with a rope made of thorns. The maze itself was deadly; in the maze there were hundreds of traps, and ferocious creatures. These were the only game variants as far as Teaden new.

During breakfast which consisted of pancakes, without syrup, Woach eggs, and very poorly cooked beef. Reksha over heard a group of people saying that today there was a Blood Fest battle against team Seeth. Reksha sat down to discuss the variant they would be fighting in with her team. No one was happy at all since everyone on the opposing team was probably in their 20s, and it looked like one of them was an Orc swordsman with arms that were 4 times thicker than Teaden’s. It looked like there was a Half Elf Magician who Reksha had seen summon a Daeleith, which was a very powerful dragon 12 meters long that shoots fire balls out of it’s mouth. There was an Elvish archer that Vandell had seen shoot an apple 220 meters away. There was also an axe-baring Dwarf.

After eating their low-quality meals the team sadly walked over to their cell to prepare for the battle. Teaden put on his chain mail cuirass, his steel pauldrons, his chain mail greaves, his steel helm, his studded leather boots, and his steel short sword, enchanted so that it poisoned who ever it cut into. Reksha was adorned with much of the same armor as Teaden. However Vandell and Nadrelina were laden with a significant amount of leather armor as apposed to the steel that was worn by Teaden and Reksha. Reksha’s sword was enchanted so that when it cut into its victim in burned through the flesh.

Teaden’s band of gladiators made their way to the arena to observe the fights that were taking place. In one fight a mage cast intense heat on an Elves’s blood, causing it to boil in his veins. With excruciating agony and pain the elf fell to the ground dieing instantly. An exhausted guard informed them that their battle was a Blood Fest, and their opposing team was team Gellaband. The announcer cast a spell on himself at the beginning of each day, which endowed him with an extremely loud voice, so that everyone in the stadium could hear him. He bellowed, “Now Elves, Orcs, Humans, and all blood thirsty people, do you want to see another bloody battle?” Practically all of the enormous crowd yelled “Ya!!!” “Now the substandard Seeth team will fight against team Gellaband in a Blood Fest!!!” The announcer proclaimed after the roar of agreement. The crowd was yelling “Go Gellaband!!!!” however some of the crowd yelled “Go Seeth!!!!” as team Seeth entered the arena field from the West end, and team Gellaband came in from the opposite end. Teaden, and Reksha unsheathed their swords while Vandell readied and aimed an arrow. Nadrelina went into deep concentration, as concentration was needed to cast a spell, or summon exactly what you want, how you want it, and where you want it.

Fight! Yelled the announcer. Teaden dashed to his right with Reksha to try to take out the archer and the mage, while Nadrelina summoned a poisonous cloud that relentlessly followed the enemy swordsman. Vandell began hurling arrows at the enemy dwarf. The enemy mage cast ice beams at Teaden, he countered with a summoned shield, and his own physical shield, but the ice beams were quite strong and partially burned him. The enemy archer fired an arrow at Reksha, barley missing her head. She ran faster to kill the enemy mage and archer. The poisonous cloud that Nadrelina had summoned over the swordsman caused him to pass out. Vandell began firing arrows through the transparent green cloud at the unconscious swordsman. Teaden and Reksha sprinted at the last 10 before reaching the enemy mage and archer. The enemy mage summoned several Scoff snakes around him, which are less poisonous than most snakes, but have a very painful bite. The enemy dwarf was hit in the side by a pillar of fire that Nadrelina had cast, scorching him, and hindering his progress towards them.

The enemy swordsman suddenly gained consciousness, and went into a huge furry when Vandell shot him with an arrow. The berserk enemy swordsman charged at Vandell; dodging his swipe with his dagger. The Orc slashed the tip of his long sword across Vandell’s quiver, then into his back, inflicting a long deep horizontal cut. This caused Vandell to scream with pain and stab the Orc in the stomach killing him. The severely injured Half Elf fainted from his injury. The Scoff snakes bit Teaden and Reksha, making them flinch and stumble, as they reached the enemy mage, and archer. Teaden was cut deeply into the left side of his hip by the enemy archer’s dagger, and he fell to the ground, lurched upward, and struck the archer’s lower chest with his sword. Reksha evaded several sword strikes from the enemy mage. She faked stabbing into the mage’s right side; that confused her enemy, making him block his right side, then seizing an opportunity Reksha stabbed his left side, killing him. Nadrelina unsheathed her dagger throwing it into the enemy Dwarve’s neck, killing him. The crowd erupted with applause upon the victory of team Seeth. Their victory securely in hand, Team Seeth cast healing spells on each other and took their places in what would soon be a memory of horrific captivity.

Teaden retched in pain after Reksha applied some replacement mixture to his cut hip to heal it and to fill up the needed bone and blood. “It’ll take about 2 hours for the pain to go away.” Reksha replied, causing Teaden and Vandell to frown. “Yuck!” Nadrelina gagged after looking at the deformed dried blood on Vandell’s back, and then applied some replacement mixture to it causing him to flinch and shake with pain. Nadrelina knew that Vandell had heard Reksha say that it would be painful for 2 hours, so she didn’t bother to repeat it. After applying the replacement mixture they ate some pieces of bread that they had kept from last dinner. They summoned miniature creatures or devices to fight each other for fun. Then with close to 4 hours before they would go to sleep, they planned out the basics of a rebellion against the government, hoping to put their plan in action the next day. Chapter 2

The four oppositionists went to the food line taking excessive amounts, for storage. After leaving they walked towards the government’s guard barracks, blending in with the crowd to avoid attention. They were concerned that they would be recognized after yesterday’s battle. “Shh” whispered Nadrelina as they crept to the back entrance of the barracks. The door unfortunately had a lock, which was enchanted so that magic could not affect it. Luckily Teaden had taught himself how to pick a lock, he knew that some day he would need to be able to break into or out of a difficult situation. Teaden took out his lock pick, crouching next to the door and opened it. “Got it.” Teaden declared quietly. He opened the door slowly while peeking in to make sure there were no guards on watch; luckily there were none. He entered the barracks and was very pleased to find that the back door went directly into the storage room; full of weapons, armor, food, and clothing. Teaden and Reksha took off there chain mail and replaced it with much higher quality chain mail. Nadrelina and Vandell took off their leather armor and replaced it with reinforced leather armor. They gathered some extra clothing, food, and lightweight armor for any new rebels. Before they left they destroyed everything that was left so that it would be unusable by the government’s guards.

The rebels headed towards the city gate; upon their arrival they were confronted by a guard asking why they were leaving the city. “We are going to the tournament in Symae.” Vandell lied. The guard granted their passage. They headed in the direction of Symae for close to a kilometer. When no one was watching they scaled up a small cliff, and searched for an abandoned mine. After 2 hours of searching they found an adequate mine for their usage. The mine wasn’t overly large, but it had a fair deal of supplies, and enough tunnels for their needs. They inhabited their rebellion head quarters after making doors, and basic furniture from wood found in the mine, as well as summoned forms of glue.

The four inhabitants of the mine contemplated about whom they could recruit into their rebellion without being spotted. They decided upon who to recruit and when to recruit them. Work was continued on the mine, and everyone was very pleased to find a fresh water source and a tunnel full of edible lizards in their mine. All was going well until Vandell discovered an enemy scout lurking in their mine, overhearing the rebel’s plans. “Get him!” Vandell yelled. As soon as the sound hit the scout’s ears he ran. Teaden, Reksha, and Nadrelina replied by hiding behind walls to lurch out and grab the scout. Nadrelina saw his shadow and readied her dagger. As soon as the scout’s body was within her eyesight she ruthlessly grabbed the scout and thrusted her dagger in front of his neck. “I got him!” Nadrelina informed. Teaden, Vandell, and Reksha surrounded the fear struck elf. Teaden put his sword to his neck as Reksha tied some rope around his hands and feet. “Give me 3 reasons of why I shouldn’t kill you!” Teaden yelled in anger. “I can tell you the plans of the imperial legion, and I can assist you!” The elf immediately replied. The imperial legion was the name of the government’s military. Teaden moved his sword closer to the scout neck and said, “That’s 2 reasons!” “I know when, and what route the armor shipments to Symae are!” Teaden sheathed his sword and punched the elf in the face, putting him in a state of unconsciousness. Everyone else looked at Teaden in a state of amazement as Teaden searched the elf’s pockets for plans or anything he might find useful.

“AHHHGG!” Teaden furiously said as he pulled out a rare enchanted tracking device. “They’ve been tracking him.” Vandell started pulled out his sword to destroy it, but Teaden motioned him not to. “We have to make them think that he was running away from an animal or something. They’ll hopefully believe it if we keep it here for a few minutes and then bring it outside. If they think that he was acting dead to avoid being eaten or something we’re in good shape, but if they don’t…” “Ok, what should we do afterwards.” Reksha replied. “Lets bring it at walking speed to a cliff and make them think that he fell off from a giant bird of some sort.” Vandell added. “Ok, but we would have to kill the scout and bring his body there, agreed?” Teaden said, and was followed by 3 words of agreement. They strapped the elf to a sturdy support beam and brought the location device to the bottom of a cliff and left it there. They came back to the now conscious elf and began questioning him. The elf didn’t dare ask why Teaden had punched him. They learned the times and routes that the armor would come into Symae, and they learned of a building that was being made to torture gladiators that didn’t behave, or tried escaping. And he told them that the imperial legion wasn’t doing much, but they were doing an excessive amount of recruiting, for a reason that the elf did not know. “And how else can you help us?” Teaden asked. “Oh, here’s a rare amulet that I have you could probably sell it or enchant it.” The elf looked in his pocket and replied, “Wait, you took it already, so I guess I’ve already helped you…” he said hoping that they wouldn’t notice that it was a tracking device. “Oh, you mean that tracking device?” Teaden said with a smile. “How did you know?” “I took one from a guard that I killed I opened it and noticed what it did.” Nadrelina summoned a miniature cloud around the prisoner, which quickly made him pass out. The four former gladiators dragged the unconscious body out to where they had placed the tracking device. “Its… Its, not there.” Reksha said quietly at the sight of where the tracking device used to be. Everyone else replied with a frown. “I hope it was a traveler, and not a guard that took it.” Teaden said. Reksha untied the ropes that were on the scout’s unconscious body. Nadrelina cast a spell on the unconscious elven body, making him resume consciousness. She then summoned a gigantic bird, which bit and shoved the screaming elf of off the cliff. The four of them sprinted back to the head quarters to hopefully avoid any more trespassing scouts, or thieves. After checking for scouts, they reinforced and fixed the lock on the mine door and strengthen the walls that faced the outside. The next day they were harshly awakened from the shouts of a general leading a large imperial army, outside of the mine.

The Rebellion ©2004 by Teran McKinney.