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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Thoughts on SHTF

I dabble here and there in prepper/survivalist blogs. Some of them are kind of funny. Others are quite reasonable, and I think even the non-paranoid could benefit to some degree.

It also has a lot of tie-ins to starting a new country. Shelter is important. As is mostly self-reliance, but being able to offer goods and services from the get-go, in a place where Amazon Drone delivery service may not yet serve.

I think there are some double standards in the prepper community.

Such as: I'm going to drive my 2028 Domestic Hybrid every day. When things collapse, I'll run to my 1930s Jeep and drive away.

For one, there's a lot of difference between the Jeep and the Hybrid in even just the driving, let alone the mechanical aspects of them. Vehicles that sit usually don't have the kinks worked out of them. When a survival scenario occurs, you're not just going to be driving down a pristine road on a beautiful sunny day. It's probably going to be terrible, however it plays out.

Your abilities and your vehicles will be tested more than any other time. If you haven't driven your non-syncromesh Jeep in six months, to find it with a dead battery and low tires, I don't think it's a great start at all.

Sometimes, the biggest problems are the smallest ones. You can solve most of these by having little distinction between what you'd do in a bad situation and what you'd do in a good situation. I bought a 1970 International pickup and was driving it around yesterday in the rain. Not even going into the performance of the tires and the brakes for stopping distance, my biggest problem was that the wiper blades were old and smeary. It was like looking out through a ripple blur. I went to replace the wiper blades and found they were rather non-standard from a common place auto parts store point of view. It took me thirty minutes to rig something up, for just the driver's side wiper. It worked great.

But, imagine taking your survival vehicle out and it rains. And you can't see. You may have some EMP proof engine with an onboard air supply, welder, and all the tools in the world, but if you can't see, you're probably out of luck.

There's also those buying a Deuce and a half. I think it could be a great survival vehicle, but it would stick out like a sore thumb and would get so stuck in traffic. If it's an impractical daily vehicle, there's a high chance it's just as impractical in a survival scenario, if you're in a fairly urban setting.

Whatever you're doing, it has to be tested and a daily part of your life. Frankly, I think if your truck is too old to manage modern highways and you aren't daily driving it, you might be better off with something in between. A 90s truck as opposed to something your Grandpa would've bought used.

Lastly, on a philosphical note. I think some wait for a crazy apocalypse as a chance for life to finally be good. As bad as things are now, they'll probably be way worse if there's some kind of economic catastrophe, terrorist attack, and natural disaster all in one. While a horde of zombies gobbling up your least favorite neighbors sounds alurring, the zombies (or whatever equivalent) are probably worse than your most evil of neighbors.

If you don't have something to live for now and your only purpose is to survive, what good is life?