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Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Thoughts on the Christchurch and San Diego Shootings

This was a video I uploaded to Youtube. Just talking in it, really not much need to have the visual side of it. After some number of views, it was flagged and taken down. Apparently, it "incites violence". I've appealed this and have yet to hear back.

This is the first time I've had anything taken down on Youtube. I'm generally fond of the platform from the end user perspective and the uploader's perspective (minus the new studio beta). But, I've seen them censoring more and more videos. Finally, I have been impacted.

I don't think Youtube owes me anything and I'm grateful for their service. It has become quite a "public forum", so their censorship and biased search results and suggestions can have quite the impact on society. Fortunately, Youtube has competitors that are more free speech friendly.

This is the banned video on Youtube.

You can now only watch it on Bitchute.


Youtube accepted the appeal! Video is back on Youtube. I don't think it should have been taken down in the first place but I'm impressed/surprised that they brought it back. While I received an email notification about it being taken down, I received none about it being put back up.

Second update

I decided to additionally host the video right here. Might be handy especially for Tor users.