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Who is John Galt?

Who is John Galt?

Dear Reader,

I don't know why you're here, who you are, or what you offer me, but I'll tell you a bit about who I am, let you decide the relevancy and interest from yourself.

I am a man, twenty-two years past birth and counting, who recently moved to San Francisco. I love to learn new things; sometimes I feel as if I buy things and try things to learn them more than practically use them. Specifically, I am perhaps most interested in computers and technology, motorcycles, mechanics, and business. I consider myself to be an engineer, and most notably I try to make things simpler when I can.

A free market and trade is something that I cherish. I am not interested in business or relationships out of pity, but out of admiration and equality. I believe that the individual comes before the group, something contrary to a 5 Reichsmark coin I have. Though, in trade, or in all of life, I feel that honesty is the most important trait. I also like to question myself and my own morality, and general sense of right. I do not, generally, want to "do good," though whatever I do I want to do with the greatest integrity I can muster. Liberty is something that requires a guiltless conscience, and maybe that is something I can earn one day.

To a woman, I offer respect and some moderate amount of chivalry. I'll open the door for you or occasionally remember to take the car-impact prone section of sidewalk. I am one to listen and understand, so will truly try to get to know you. I love to make someone special laugh; or at least make myself laugh in the process over a really bad joke. I'm very passionate and would like a consistent and active bedroom life should it come to that. Though I may sound rather business-like, I can be very sweet and stubbornly (attemptfully) charming.

As for you, I do tend to fall a bit for a few things I shouldn't, and maybe a few that are good things. Most of all, I want someone who questions what she does and looks to live the next day more rightfully than the last. I also want someone who works towards her own happiness, asks for nothing that is not hers, and takes responsibility in all that she does. If you match that, I think that is a good start.

On a further note, I know man can never be perfect. I know at least, I will always make mistakes. Yet, I wonder, if the core of humanity is good, and not evil. Regardless of what our nature really is, I want to be the greatest man I know.

If you believe the world is a wonderful place that can be made even better, please write to me.

Thank you for your time.