Go Beyond

Only read if you don't mind being offended.

Why are you still using Google?

Competent search results, free photo hosting, free email. Lots and lots of good, free services from Google. Even free video hosting on Youtube which is not at all cheap. Further, they'll even run ads on your videos and split the revenue with you if you like.

Google has done a lot of good for the technical community as a whole and pioneered numerous best practices from a systems point of view. Not to mention, I am quite fond of their Go language.

But despite all of this good, there is a lot I despise. Free comes at a cost as you are the product. They once stood for transparency and fairly equal access to any data or opinion. In time, that has shifted. Google is heavily biased. Maybe you agree with the bias or maybe you don't. Maybe you don't mind being fed a biased stream of data designed to subtly shape humanity at scale. I do mind it.

Here's a video from Project Veritas that's a great introduction to the other side of Google. Based on my experience in the Silicon Valley, it seems quite accurate to me.

Google, of course, has removed it from Youtube. Consider downloading it yourself and hosting it. Perhaps with decensor.

  • Duckduckgo is a good alternative to Google Search.
  • Tutanota is a good alternative to Gmail.
  • Bitchute is a good alternative to Youtube.