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Why do you hate immigrants so much?

Weren't you born in another country? Weren't your parents as well? Both you and your family are immigrants. Why do you hate them so much?

Not sure if I'm feeding the trolls or if this is an honest question. I'll answer it anyways.

Donald Trump on Illegals

Yes, I'm an immigrant

Kind of. I'm also eligible to run for president in the same way that Ted Cruz is.

My Dad is American. His father is American, his mother is Canadian. My Mom is Canadian. Her father was Russian. Her mother was German. My specific blood mix is a lot more complicated, but I'm referring to country of birth in this case.

My Dad's side of the family has done quite a bit of geneaology research and has found that we're some of the earlier American settlers. Many of the lines go to just a few years after the Mayflower. And yes, they too, were immigrants.

I'm very grateful to be here and that I was able to get American citizenship when my Mom obtained hers. I am technically a dual citizen, but I have no plans on moving back to Canada. I think I fit into American culture much better than Canadian culture. I think many Canadians are fantastic and I do love BC's beauty, but on the whole Canada is like our California. Very, very left leaning and hopelessly poltically correct.

Generally speaking, I haven't been clamoring for the removal of all immigrants, generally just the illegal ones. My family immigrated back to the States (again, my Dad is American by birth) and started paying taxes. We have been net-positive, putting way more in with taxes than taking out in welfare. You may not like me, you may not like my family, but we're not a financial burden on the system. Now aside from that, I'm generally anti-tax, anti-welfare, but if you're going to have those, you definitely need border controls. It is not a nation without defined borders.

Mostly open borders makes sense when your country isn't a world superpower and you want to pull more money and people in. Even those countries, like Romania, don't seem to apply it to every nationality. Would you rather let Syrians or Americans into your country? Which is more likely to boost the economy? Which is more likely to commit crime? Is the answer really that hard?

I know what many illegals are like. I lived in San Antonio for five years which is mostly hispanic. Some of them are totally fine. A lot of them aren't. The problem is that these people have no ties to America and are literally sneaking in or being snuck in. They have no documentation, no reason not to commit crime. They want to get to the States because we take way too good of care of them. If someone is going to become an American, they need to work for it. They should not be a welfare burden. Now some of those illegals do come here to work and support their family. Many of them don't commit crime. They should still apply for working VISAs, green cards, or even citizenship. Even the best hearted ones, and they are many, are still taking opportunities from existing Americans. Of course in other cases, some existing Americans are lazy good-for-nothings who should be cut off welfare and work or starve.

On immigration by race

It's true, I would rather see white immigrants come to the States. That's another argument altogether. But if Russia were at our border, sneaking in, bringing drugs, sex trafficking, etc, I would have similar concerns. As a rule of thumb I like my own kind. But a lot of us whites are complete morons. I'd rather surround myself with hispanics, Asians, and blacks who were logical and sensible if that were the alternative. We've got Swedes letting their own daughters be raped trying to be poltically correct. They are the worst of people. You have to be unafraid to look bad to protect what's yours. If you don't guard it, you don't value it. If you don't value whats yours, you don't value yourself. Sweden is becoming a nation of cucks who are fine with censoring "incorrect opinions".

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